ICSE Class 6 Chemistry

Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the study of matter and its interactions with other matter. Chemicals are used by us every day. Furthermore, chemical reactions are being performed every passing second, without even thinking much about them. To begin with, our body, the storehouse of energy, is made of chemicals. Chemical reactions take place when you breathe, eat, or even if you sit somewhere. Chemistry is often termed as the study of everything.

Why should you learn Chemistry in Class 6?

  1. The subject of chemistry helps you by explaining the changes that occur in food as it is prepared.
  2. Chemistry helps you decide the best cleaner for dishes, laundry, yourself, and your home.
  3. Learning Chemistry helps you in understanding how vitamins, supplements, and other drugs can help or harm you.+
  4. Chemistry is a subject that paves the way for numerous scientific investigations

ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Chapters

The chapters taught in the academic year of class 6 is given below. These chapters mainly deal with the fundamental topics of chemistry. Strong knowledge of these chapters is essential for the students to understand the complex topics that will be taught in the higher classes.

Introduction to Chemistry

Elements, Compounds and Mixtures



Air and Atmosphere

ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Syllabus

ICSE syllabus for class 6 chemistry prescribes the topics and concepts based on which students will be evaluated in the final examination. The syllabus consists of the course details of class 6.

ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Sample paper

Sample papers are one of the best study resources for the students in class 6 as solving these papers will help them in understanding their weak points. Students can later work on their shortcomings and improve their knowledge of the same.

ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Important questions

The list of important questions in the Class 6 Chemistry is provided for the students to let them understand the questions and topics that are essential to be covered as per the examination point of view. This list includes the questions that are likely to be asked in the exams.

ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Videos

The human brain tends to understand and store virtual data easier and faster than the other modes of data. Hence, this technique can be used in the process of studying as well. The difficult concepts in chemistry are made simpler and interesting with the help of the videos provided at BYJU’S.

How to prepare for ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Examination?

  1. Study regularly.
  2. Understand the concepts instead of byhearting it.
  3. Clear your doubts as early as possible.
  4. Do not pressurise yourself.

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