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Making kids love math is a difficult challenge especially to parents. Math is a skill that takes a lot of brainpower to master, and this can be tough for kids. Learning Mathematics has never been easier. As they say, “There is no such thing as boring Mathematics.” At Byju’s, you can assure to create such a strong foundation in Mathematics, which any problem in Maths would then seem to be just a cakewalk to you. Getting a good grip in Math, through understanding and practice, will tend to develop your brain in a big way and help you to clasp on the concepts in all other subjects with greater speed and efficiency.

At Byju’s, we train students from class 6 -12 in the subject of Maths. Starting from level 6 Maths Syllabus, where the students set their foot into the world of all the important ideas in Maths, like whole numbers, basic geometry, integers, decimals, algebra, ratio, and proportion, etc. Since kids are more receptive to learning when it is associated more with play than with work, it is a good idea for parents to expose kids to math in fun ways.We provide lessons for students until class 12, where they study the most complex topics like 3-D geometry, vector algebra, differential equations, matrices, etc. The interactive video lessons on Byju’s learning app give you a very elaborate and detailed explanation of the various ideas in Maths.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has brought down the difficulty level for Class XII students. The new question paper design has included 10% of  the higher order thinking skills (HOTS) questions and introduced two-mark questions thereby bringing relief to lakhs of students. In the 100 – mark paper the HOTS questions will be divided into one four – mark question and three, two – mark questions.

By introducing the short, two – mark answers the  Central Board of Secondary Education has increased the total number of questions from 26 to 29 categorizing 20% of the paper as easy, 60% as average and 20% as difficult.

With the help of animations and innovative ways of teaching by our experts, the ideas and concepts are sure to stay etched in your minds forever.  Making math fun and help kids grow to understand that math is fun, Instead of being afraid, the kids will be excited about the subject for the rest of their educational journey. You can engage yourself with interactive video sessions, regular tests prepared by our experts, continuous analysis based on your performance and much more by getting Byju’s learning app.

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The median of a set of 9 distinct observations is 20.5. If each of the largest 4 observations of the set is increased by 2, then the median of the new set