Difference between Length and Height

Height & Length are one of the common terms used in measurement, but in most of the cases they create a lot of confusion for the students in determining the actual meaning to both of them. Here we provide an easy to understand differences between them, so that user can understand them in a better manner.

The table below gives a comparison of Height & Length, along with their usage while measuring the dimension of an object.




Actual Meaning

The measurement of an object from one point to another.

Height measures an object from the top to bottom


It is measured in the most-extended dimension.

It measures in the dimension that would be up in any orientation.

Axis of measurement

Is a measure in horizontal axis

Is a measurement in the vertical axis.

Used for

Length determines how long an object is.

Height determines how high the object takes base as a reference.

Type of object

Can be one, two or three dimensional object.

Is usually measured for 3-dimensional objects.


Line, square, rectangle, cube, etc.

Cube, cylinder, etc.

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