NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English

Presented here are the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English, with each and every question of the textbook Honeycomb answered in detail. Also, you will find solutions to the supplementary book “A Pact with the Sun”.

All these solutions have been carefully crafted by our team of subject-matter experts to give students the perfect way to frame solutions to the questions in the examinations. Having a sound grip on the textbook is the first step towards achieving excellence in exams. To assist you with the same, we are here to offer you the most comprehensive and reliable NCERT Solutions for Class 6.

English is not only crucial in terms of scoring well in the exams, but also very important for being a good communicator. It is the subject that plays a major role in shaping one’s personality. Here, we provide you with the most accurate and elaborate NCERT Solutions.

You can also download the solutions in PDF format for free, through the links provided below and refer to the solutions at any time.

NCERT Solutions of Class 6 English

Here are the links to the unit-wise NCERT Class 6 English Solutions of Honeysuckle and Supplementary Textbook, A Pact with the Sun.

Honeysuckle Textbook Solutions:

Supplementary Textbook, A Pact with the Sun Solutions:

Features of BYJU’S NCERT Class 6 Solutions

Here are some of the most intriguing qualities that make the NCERT Class 6 English solutions of BYJU’S different from others:

  1. Every unit, including the story and the poem of the respective units of the NCERT Class 6 English textbooks has been covered.
  2. You can download the solutions in PDF format, just through clicking the links.
  3. These downloaded PDFs can be used and referred anytime and anywhere.
  4. The solutions have been designed with the utmost care, following the standards set by the CBSE board.

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Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English

How NCERT Solutions of Class 6 English helps in exam preparation?

The questions provided in NCERT English textbooks can offer an excellent boost to study thoroughly and score excellently during examinations and tests. Students can effectively start practicing NCERT Solutions English for Class 6, which will happen in more immeasurable performance in further studies. This, in turn, would build a strong grip in Maths.

Which book is best for Class 6 English?

The most esteemed book for the Class 6 English is NCERTTextbook. NCERT textbooks strictly follow the CBSE curriculum. It helps to form the base for preparing for the board examinations as it contains question papers that are set according to the prescribed CBSE syllabus of the subject.

Does BYJU’S website provide free NCERT Class 6 English Solutions?

Yes, these solutions can be viewed and downloaded in free PDF format. Students who find it difficult in solving exercise wise problems of NCERT textbook can access PDF solutions. The questions are formulated by our experts in the best possible way to make it easier for the students during exam preparation.

How many Chapters are there in the Supplementary Textbook of Class 6 English NCERT Solutions?

Class 6 Supplementary Textbook English of NCERT Solutions has 10 Chapters. They are
Unit 1 A Tale of Two Birds
Unit 2 The Friendly Mongoose
Unit 3 The Shepherd’s Treasure
Unit 4 The Old-Clock Shop
Unit 5 Tansen
Unit 6 The Monkey and the Crocodile
Unit 7 The Wonder Called Sleep
Unit 8 A Pact with the Sun
Unit 9 What Happened to the Reptiles
Unit 10 A Strange Wrestling Match.

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