NCERT Syllabus Class 10 Political Science

The NCERT Class 10 Political Science Syllabus will give students an overall idea about the topics that they need to study for the academic year. The syllabus is designed in such a way that students will start taking an interest in understanding the concept of democratic politics. Also, the syllabus will help students understand the exam pattern and prepare for their Class 10 annual exam accordingly. Have a look at the Class 10 Political Science Syllabus in this article.

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The NCERT Class 10 Political Science Syllabus is divided into 8 chapters. In the first six chapters, students will explore various forms of sharing and shaping of power in a democracy. What democracies have achieved and what is yet to be achieved is discussed in the seventh chapter. The last chapter, i.e. Chapter 8, explains the challenges that democracy faces and the ways through which they overcome them.

Political Science: Democratic Politics II

1. Power Sharing
2. Federalism
4. Gender, Religion and Caste
6. Political Parties
7. Outcomes of Democracy

Disclaimer – Chapter 3 – Democracy and Diversity, Chapter 5 – Popular Struggles and Movements and Chapter 8 – Challenges to Democracy are removed as per the NCERT Syllabus 2023-24.

Before the students start studying from NCERT Class 10 Book, they should go through the syllabus to get an idea of each topic.

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