NCERT Syllabus for Class 11 Maths

When students start their preparation for class 11 Maths exam, they collect the study material such as NCERT Textbook, previous year papers, sample papers etc. But sometimes they forget to consider the Syllabus. Due to which they could not able to get the best result. The Syllabus is a very important means for the students that counts into exam preparation. It provides brief information on the topics that students will study in Mathematics subject. Here we have provided the NCERT Syllabus for Class 11 Maths to help students with their studies.

Students can get the complete NCERT Syllabus for Class 11 Maths in PDF format for free downloading by clicking on the link below. The Syllabus has also provided the number of periods required for completing a particular unit. Through this, they can calculate the estimated time by when the syllabus will get completed. So, students can use the remaining time for practising and solving the question papers.

Download NCERT Syllabus for Class 11 Maths PDF

Have a look at the table below. Here chapters have been categorised in separate units.

S No. Units Chapters Name
1 Sets and Functions
  • Sets
  • Relations and Functions
  • Trigonometric Functions
2 Algebra
  • Principle of Mathematical Induction
  • Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
  • Linear Inequalities
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Sequence and Series
3 Coordinate Geometry
  • Straight Lines
  • Conic Sections
  • Introduction to Three-dimensional Geometry
4 Calculus
  •  Limits and Derivatives
5 Mathematical Reasoning
  •  Mathematical Reasoning
6 Statistics and Probability
  • Statistics
  • Probability

Benefits of Knowing the NCERT Class 11 Maths Syllabus

  1. The syllabus provides an overview of the Maths topics.
  2. Maths is a subject which requires daily practice. So knowing the syllabus will help students in creating a daily study plan.
  3. Students can easily keep the record of topics that they have completed.
  4. Students will feel confident during the exam as the question paper will be designed from the syllabus.

As maths requires a lot of practice, so students must solve all the questions of NCERT Class 11 Maths Books to score good marks in the exam.

We hope students have found this information on “NCERT Syllabus for Class 11 Maths” useful for their studies. Keep learning and stay tuned for further updates on CBSE and other competitive exams. Download BYJU’S App and subscribe to YouTube channel to access interactive Maths and Science videos.

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