CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Marking Scheme

Mathematics is a crucial subject in Class 12 board exam and students keen on getting good marks, must be totally aware of the marking scheme for Maths to give their best performance within the stipulated time of 3 hours. The CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Marking Scheme is the marking pattern which is followed by the Central Board of Secondary Education following certain guidelines. The marking scheme not only helps a student to score good marks in the board exam but also will help them in time management and speed during the examination.

The CBSE class 12 maths question paper will consist of various questions carrying 1, 2, 4, and 6 marks. A time duration of 3 hours will be given to all students to attempt the maths question paper of 100 marks. For long answer type questions, students will be provided with internal choices.

Students should be very particular about step marks as they are very important and helpful in getting full marks. For every correct step that a student writes down, he or she is awarded marks for it. Students must note that figures and conclusion statements carry marks as well.

Weightage to different types of questions :

Weightage of different forms of question

Scheme of Options

There will be no overall choice. However, an internal choice in any 4 questions of 4 marks each and any 2 questions of 6 marks each will be provided.

Difficulty level of questions

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