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HC Verma Solutions For Physics Part 1 and 2

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HC Verma Solutions for Physics Part 1 and 2
HC Verma is a renowned name in the field of Physics because of its unique content, clear-cut explanations, real-life Physics problems, and vast conceptual interlinking. With such great advantages, HC Verma solutions are very popular study material among students who are aiming to appear for competitive exams or entrance exams. Besides, the solutions provide a clear understanding of all the important topics covered in class 11 and 12 Physics syllabus. Throughout the years, it is one of the best and highly recommended resources for tough exams like IIT JEE amongst others. Many experts and experienced candidates advise aspirants to go through these solutions mainly because it can enable them to easily acquire conceptual clarity and develop better problem-solving skills. Further, it explains all the basic and advanced Physics concepts with good illustrations. There is a wide range of problems available for students to practice and take their preparation to a higher level for the competitive exams.

While many students are keen about finding and selecting the right study tools we are providing HC Verma Solutions on this page. These solutions are prepared by our experts to help students in the preparation of engineering or medical entrance exam. All numerical exercises are precisely explained to aid proper understanding of concepts. HCV Solutions are ideal for pre-college students aspiring to understand Physics. The concepts like Electrostatics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Optics and Modern Physics are best-covered in these solutions. Additionally, students can also download chapter-wise HC Verma solutions pdf from links provided in the below section.

HC Verma Solutions – Key Features

  • The solutions efficiently cater to the needs of students who are looking for an easy way to solve numerical problems.
  • The simplicity and consistency of language leave no scope for confusion.
  • HC Verma Solutions are strategically well arranged to ensure easy navigation between chapters.
  • It takes students into the world of Physics and enhances problem-solving capabilities.
  • The solutions are explained using real-life examples making it an easy way of learning.
  • The basics are effortlessly explained with crisp and short solutions are also included to trigger certain thinking processes.

HC Verma Physics Part 1 and Part 2 Solutions

HC Verma Book Solutions is a gem for engineering aspirants and those who want to prepare well for IIT JEE 2021. It helps to develop a strong foundational base with in-depth explanations of problems. Since, Physics is all about concepts and its application, therefore, to master problem-solving, these solutions are by far the best study material for all the undergraduate level technical competitive exams.

The solutions for HCV comprises of 47 Chapters divided into two volumes – Vol 1 and Vol 2. A broad division of the solutions module that we have provided is as follows.

  • Mechanics – Chapters 1 to 14
  • Waves – Chapters 15 to 17
  • Optics – Chapter 18 to 22
  • Thermodynamics – Chapter 23 to 28
  • Electric and Magnetic Phenomena – Chapter 29 to 40
  • Modern Physics – Chapter 41 to 47

HC Verma Solutions Vol 1

HC Verma Solutions Part 1 comprises of 22 Chapters covering a majority of the portion covered in class 11th Physics syllabus. Around 60 per cent of questions asked in the competitive exams is based on topics covered in the 11th standard syllabus. The chapters include Kinematics, Fluid Mechanics, Gravitation, Friction, Laws of Motion, Light Waves, Optics, Work and Energy, SHM, Circular Motion etc. We are providing solutions for all the chapters here on this page. Students can instantly download the solutions PDF and use them to find the right answers to all the questions given in the book.

Chapter-wise HC Verma Vol 1 Solutions

  • Concept 1: Introduction to Physics
  • Concept 2: Physics and Mathematics
  • Concept 3: Rest and Motion: Kinematics
  • Concept 4: The Forces
  • Concept 5: Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Concept 6: Friction
  • Concept 7: Circular Motion
  • Concept 8: Work and Energy
  • Concept 9: Centre of Mass, Linear Momentum, Collision
  • Concept 10: Rotational Mechanics
  • Concept 11: Gravitation
  • Concept 12: Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Concept 13: Fluid Mechanics
  • Concept 14: Some Mechanical Properties of Matter
  • Concept 15: Wave Motion and Waves on a String
  • Concept 16: Sound Waves
  • Concept 17: Light Waves
  • Concept 18: Geometrical Optics
  • Concept 19: Optical Instruments
  • Concept 20: Dispersion and Spectra
  • Concept 21: Speed of Light
  • Concept 22: Photometry

HC Verma Solutions Vol 2

HC Verma Solutions  Part 2 comprises of 25 chapters. It includes topics like Heat, Thermodynamics, Electric Field, Gauss’s Law, Capacitors, AC current, Magnetism, etc. The solutions are well supported by theoretical explanations, historical background, related concepts,  derivations, brief descriptions etc. Students can refer to the H.C. Verma Solutions PDF while solving the chapter wise questions. However, make use of the solutions after solving the questions yourself. If you face any difficulty or are unable to solve questions then you can refer the solutions. This is a more effective way of learning.

Chapter-wise HC Verma Vol 2 Solutions

  • Chapter 23 – Heat and Temperature
  • Chapter 24 – Kinetic Theory of Gases
  • Chapter 25 – Calorimetry
  • Chapter 26 – Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Chapter 27 – Specific Heat Capacities of Gases
  • Chapter 28 – Heat Transfer
  • Chapter 29 – Electric Field and Potential
  • Chapter 30 – Gauss’s Law
  • Chapter 31 – Capacitors
  • Chapter 32 – Electric Current in Conductors
  • Chapter 33 – Thermal and Chemical Effects of Electric Current
  • Chapter 34 – Magnetic Field
  • Chapter 35 – Magnetic Field due to a Current
  • Chapter 36 – Permanent Magnets
  • Chapter 37 – Magnetic Properties of Matter
  • Chapter 38 – Electromagnetic Induction
  • Chapter 39 – Alternating Current
  • Chapter 40 – Electromagnetic Waves
  • Chapter 41 – Electric Current through Gases
  • Chapter 42 – Photoelectric Effect and Wave Particle Duality
  • Chapter 43 – Bohr’s Model and Physics of the Atom
  • Chapter 44 – X-rays
  • Chapter 45 – Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices
  • Chapter 46 – The Nucleus
  • Chapter 47 – The Special Theory of Relativity

 Why HC Verma Solutions?

There are several reasons why HCV Physics Solutions for JEE are the most recommended resources for entrance exam preparations. It covers all the basic concepts of Physics with precise explanation with the help of real-life instances. Solved examples are provided to help students in understanding difficult concepts and apply them accordingly to similar problems. It has a brilliant collection of MCQs keeping you well prepared for competitive exams. The problems are arranged according to the difficulty to sustain the interest of students while practising. Objective questions are best for concept building. Also, the subjective questions have unique concept involved and cover nearly all the concepts.

The students are suggested to go through solutions thoroughly before the final exams. Apart from the traditional ways of solving problems, these solutions of HC Verma are focused more on enhancing problem-solving skills by introducing various tricks and shortcuts for quick and easy calculations. In addition to this, students should also go through NCERT textbooks which will be beneficial for them.

Frequently Asked Questions On HC Verma


Is HC Verma enough for JEE?

HC Verma is one of the best books for studying Physics concepts and practicing problems for JEE.


How many HC Verma books are there?

HC Verma Physics book is divided into two parts. Part 1 deals with the syllabus of class 11 and contain 22 chapters while part 2 deals with class 12 concepts and there are 25 chapters in total.


What is the main highlight of HC Verma book?

HC Verma book’s content is written in a simple language, concepts are explained in detail, ample amount of examples and variety of practice problems are present. The problems are of JEE level.


Who is HC Verma?

Harish Chandra Verma is a renowned professor at IIT-Kanpur working in the department of Physics. He is also an experimental physicist and his field of research is in nuclear Physics.

Stay tuned with BYJU’S to know more about the important Physics concepts covered in IIT JEE Physics syllabus. Also get access to JEE sample papers, previous years question papers, JEE Main chapter-wise solutions and more.


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