JEE Advanced Sample Papers 2019

JEE Advanced sample papers are a great study tool for candidates who are appearing for India’s top engineering entrance exam. JEE Advanced is the next step for candidates who clear the first round of the exams which is JEE Mains. The second phase of IIT JEE Advanced 2019 is scheduled to be held on May 19 and will basically be an online or computer-based exam with multiple choice question pattern. While the exam day in nearing soon, candidates need to prepare effectively while improving their study skills. One efficient way to do so is by solving the sample papers.

Using the sample papers will help aspirants to gain a better understanding of the core concepts and even the different topics covered in the JEE Advanced syllabus which is almost similar to the syllabus of JEE Main. In addition to these, students can also take mock tests. IIT Roorkee, which is the authority for conducting 2019 JEE Advanced has in fact released mock tests on its official website which candidates can easily access and get familiar with the layout as well as the format of the exam.

In essence, JEE Advanced 2019 sample papers and the mock tests will significantly enable candidates to learn about the pattern of questions and gain the required precision to perform well and even crack the exam.

JEE Advanced Sample Papers 2019

Candidates can download JEE Advanced sample papers 2019 from the links provided below.

Apart from the sample papers let us also understand a few important or key things about JEE Advanced question paper.

JEE Advanced Sample Paper Pattern

Most of the time and from what we have seen through previous years, JEE Advanced paper pattern is usually the same as in previous year papers. The format in the sample papers is also kept the same and it comprises mainly of objective type multiple choice questions. Let us further look at other details below.

Exam Duration 3 Hours
Total Marks 360 Marks
Total Questions 90 Questions
Medium English / Hindi
Number of Sections Three – Physics, Maths and Chemistry
Number of Papers 2 and both are mandatory
Question Type MCQs as well as numerical answer type questions.

JEE Advanced Sample Paper Marking Scheme

Paper I
Section Type of Question Marks Allotted Negative Points
1 Single correct answer 3 -1
2 1 or more correct answer 4 -2
3 Single digit integer 3 0
Paper II
Section Type of Question Marks Allotted Negative Points
1 Single correct answer 3 -1
2 1 or more correct answer 4 -2
3 Comprehension 3 0

Key Benefits Of Solving JEE Advanced Sample Paper

  • The sample papers will help candidates test their preparation level.
  • It helps candidates gain a clear idea about the important chapters and topics from an examination point of view.
  • Candidates will get a clear insight into the exam pattern and they will also be able to determine the difficulty level of the papers.
  • Helps candidates improve their weak areas and also develop higher confidence.
  • Overall, the sample papers will give the candidate a good idea about the real-world exam scenario.

In addition to the sample papers, we are also providing other JEE Advanced question papers with solutions and answer keys. Students can freely download these papers and use them to practice for their exams. Candidates can also check out the papers for better reference.

Sample Questions

  1. Two identical straight wires are taken and stretched in order to produce 8 beats per second as they vibrate simultaneously. If we change the tension slightly in one of them, there is no change in beat frequency. By denoting the higher and the lower initial tension in the strings by T1 and T2, then we can we conclude by making the above changes in tension.
    1. T2 was increased
    2. T2 is decreased
    3. T1 was decreased
    4. T1 was increased
  1. The carbon-carbon bond formation can be observed in;
    1. Clemmensen’s reduction
    2. Reimer-Tiemann reaction
    3. Cannizzaro’s reaction
    4. Friedel Crafts reaction
  1. Given the family of lines, a (3x + 4y + 6) + b(x + y + 2) = 0. The line of the family situated at the greatest distance from the point P(2, 3) has equation:
    1. 4x + 3y + 8 = 0
    2. 5x + 3y + 10 = 0
    3. 15x + 8y + 30 = 0
    4. None

Click on the given link to download complete syllabus sample paper for JEE Advanced;

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