Derivative Calculator

The Derivative Calculator is an amazing online tool that computes first, second,…., fifth derivatives along with differentiating functions with many variables, computing roots and implicit differentiation. It also supports graphs and better understanding of the functions.

How Derivative Calculator Works

When you insert your equation to be computed, select the order of derivative you wish to calculate and leave the rest of the operation on the calculator. The calculator analyses the order of the equation and solves accordingly.
For example, to solve \[3x^{2}+2x+1\] Here, the calculator first searches for the exponents of the variable from ascending to descending order. In this case, the equation is solved in the following manner.
To solve \[3x^{2}+2x+1\] = \[3\times 2\times x\;+2\times 1\times x\;+1\]

= \[6x+2+1\] = \[6x+3\] Result
You can change the differentiation variable in ‘options’. Click ‘submit’ to start the calculation and the result will be shown in seconds.

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