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The Perimeter of a Parallelogram Calculator is an online tool which calculates the perimeter when the length of its parallel sides is given. BYJU’S Calculator is a tool that makes calculations simple and interesting. If the lengths of parallel sides of a parallelogram are known to us, we can use them as input and get the output.

Perimeter of Parallelogram Formula = 2(a+b)

How to Use Perimeter of Parallelogram Calculator?

The steps to use the perimeter of parallelogram calculator are given here to be followed.

Step 1: Mention the value of base length and side length of parallelogram in the input fields

Step 2: Click on “Calculate” button

Step 3: The value of perimeter of parallelogram will appear on screen

What is Perimeter of Parallelogram?

The length of the outer boundaries of a parallelogram is called perimeter. As we know, the perimeter has its opposite sides parallel and equal in length. Therefore, if a is the side length and b is the base length of parallelogram, then the perimeter is equal to:

Perimeter = 2a + 2b = 2(a+b)

Solved Example

If a=10 cm and b = 5 cm, then find the perimeter of parallelogram.

Perimeter of parallelogram = 2(10+5) = 2(15) = 30 cm


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