De Broglie Wavelength Calculator

Formula: De Broglie Wavelength(λ) = h cE 

Planck's constant(h) = 6.626 × 1034 Js
Velocity of Light(c) = 3 × 108 m/s

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The De Broglie Wavelength Calculator (Energy Equation) an online tool which shows De Broglie Wavelength (Energy Equation) for the given input. Byju's De Broglie Wavelength Calculator (Energy Equation) is a tool which makes calculations very simple and interesting. If an input is given then it can easily show the result for the given number.
The De Broglie Wavelength (Momentum equation) calculator is an awesome online tool which helps us

in determining the unknown variable usingthe relationship between wavelength and momentum of

photon. De Broglie wavelength equation depends on the certainty that each body has a wavelength

associated with it. This equation shows a relationship between wave nature and particle nature of a

body. Mathematically, it can be denoted as:

λ =

Where, λ is the wavelength

p is the momentum of photon

h is the Planck’s constant = 6.626 × 10 −34 J−s

Let us understand it with the help of an example:

Example: Find the de Broglie wavelength for a photon having its momentum as 45.5 × 10 -25 kg−m/s.

Solution: We have, λ =

λ =

=1.456 × 10 -25 A 0

BYJU’S de Broglie wavelength calculator uses the method given above to solve the problems and gives

us the result in a brisk of seconds. Thus, Byju's De Broglie Wavelength (Momentum equation calculator

is a tool which makes tough calculations simple and helps us solve difficult problems in a fraction of

seconds. Enjoy practicing other related concepts with Byju’s.

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