Trigonometry Calculator

Calculates sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant and cotangent of a triangle:

Perpendicular side:
Base side :

Hypotenuse :
Sin theta :
cos theta :
Tan theta :
Cosec theta :
Sec theta :
Cot theta :

The Trigonometry Calculator an online tool which shows Trigonometry for the given input. Byju's Trigonometry Calculator is a tool
which makes calculations very simple and interesting. If an input is given then it can easily show the result for the given number.

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Two long parallel wires carrying currents 2.5 A and "I" A in the same direction (directed in the o plane) are held at P and Q respectively as shown. The points P and Q are located at a distance of 5 m and 2 m respectively from a collinear point R. An electron moving with a velocity of 4×105 ms1 along the positive x-axis experiences a force of magnitude 3.2×1020 N at the point R. The value of I is