Class 11 Business Studies

Business Studies Syllabus For Class 11

Business Studies furnishes a broad degree of concepts and introduction to the subject which includes all the questions provided in the chapters provided in Business Studies syllabus. The below mentioned is the syllabus for class 11 Business Studies.

Business studies is an academic subject that adopts areas like – marketing, economics and accounting. Its study merges the topics of marketing, accounting, finance, organizational studies and economics. Business Studies is an all -inclusive subject in the Social Sciences, that allows the meticulous study of a span of skills such as finance, accountancy, human resources management and marketing.

A study of business is an area of focus within an academic schedule taught at an educational establishment, which occurs mainly around some characteristics of the conduct of business in the community level, national or universal marketplace.

Class 11 Business Studies syllabus, chapter wise is given below.

Business Studies Syllabus For Class 11


Name of the Chapters

Foundations of Business

Chapter 1

Business, Trade and Commerce

Chapter 2

Forms of Business Organisation

Chapter 3

Private, Public and Global Enterprises

Chapter 4

Business Services

Chapter 5

Emerging Modes of Business

Chapter 6

Social Responsibilities of a Business

Corporate Organisation, Finance and Trade

Chapter 7

Formation of a Company

Chapter 8

Sources of Business Finance

Chapter 9

Small Business

Chapter 10

Internal Trade

Chapter 11

International Business

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