Accountancy Notes Class 12

About Class 12 Accountancy Study Material

  • BYJU’S Accountancy study material for Class 12 is exceptional in many respects as it includes those features which you will not find anywhere else.
  • We make study a fun-filled activity when we relate the theoretical part of Accountancy Class 12 notes with its Practical portion and make study easier than ever.
  • We keep Commerce syllabus and exam pattern of CBSE in mind while we create content. Some important Questions from NCERT book and accountancy Class 12 NCERT solution are also solved fully and for the rest of them, hints are given.
  • Our content enables you to get good marks in the examination by studying in a smarter way.

The Speciality of our Study Material

  • CONCEPTUAL CLARITY- Our Content makes your concepts crystal clear and its wholesome coverage gives you the impetus to practice more and more as you enjoy studying because you understand things quickly. Moreover, the language of the content is very student friendly.
  • THEORETICAL CONCEPTS- Theoretical concepts like definitions, meanings, features, advantages, and disadvantages, etc. are given with logic and reasoning behind them.
  • FORMULAS- As there are a lot of formulas in accountancy, we have shown how that formula is derived and for what purpose it is made. A separate section for each formula is made in every chapter.
  • FLOW CHARTS AND DIAGRAMS- Flow charts and diagrams have been used to make concepts interesting and easy, wherever it was possible.
  • A LOT OF SOLVED AND UNSOLVED QUESTIONS– A lot of unsolved and solved questions are given topic-wise in the order of difficulty to make students capable of solving each and every question in the examination. All type of questions which are asked in the exam like Remembering, Understanding, Application, Evaluation, Analyses, and HOTS, etc all are given their due importance so that students are exam ready.
  • DO’S AND DONT’S SECTION– As per the requirements of the exam and the subject do’s and don’ts section is included so that students get to know about the things like working notes, formats, calculations, etc.
  • FAST TRACK REVISION– After every chapter, Fast Track Revision is given which will help students to revise the whole chapter in minimal time.
  • PAST YEARS’ EXAMINATION QUESTIONS– Past years’ questions are given in each chapter to gain students confidence as it is more than sufficient for answering the questions asked in the exam.

To know more about Commerce subject, sample papers, and important questions, stay tuned to BYJU’S.

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