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Class 12 Economics

Class 12 Economics Sample Papers

Economics is one of the main subjects in the Commerce stream. And many students do find it tough to learn and comprehend this subject and score well in their board examinations. However, this can be rationalized by practicing the sample papers. Practicing the sample papers certainly helps the students gain their level of confidence, get rid of the exam fear, understand the examination pattern, types of questions that are likely to appear in the exams, learn from the errors committed.

  • Outline of the Final Exam : Sample Paper is an outline set for the final examination taken by the students for class 12. This gives a picture of the question paper pattern.
  • Record the time : When you solve the sample papers, make sure that you track the time and gauge your speed and accuracy if you are able to solve that in 3 hours. It certainly helps you to solve the paper within the time provided by the board in the final exam.
  • Practice Sample papers to get better results : These are the model question papers that you would confront in the final examination. Practicing from these papers would boost your confidence and hence better results are assured.

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