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Class 12 Economics


  • Outline of the Final Exam

Sample Paper is basically an outline of the final examination taken by CBSE for class 12.

  • Gauge your preparation

You preparation is evaluated when you Solve Sample papers and you get familiar with the type of questions asked in CBSE Exam.

  • Record the time

When you solve sample papers you should check the time whether you are able to do that in 3 hours. It will help you to solve the paper within the time allowed by CBSE in the final exam.

  • Practice Sample papers to get better results

These are basically the model question papers which you will face in the final exam thus practicing from these will give you confidence and hence better results.


  • Byjus.com Economics Sample Papers

We make sample papers as per the CBSE exam pattern keeping the Marking Scheme in mind so that students can practice as per the standards of CBSE. Download links of Economics sample papers for class 12 can be found on our website at relevant places.

  • Sample papers Set by Experts

Our Sample papers are set by subject matter experts such as CBSE School teachers who have experience of setting CBSE questions papers and authors of books who set the paper as per the latest guidelines given by CBSE.

  • Byjus.com Economics Sample papers are very important

If you want to score full marks in Economics then you should solve Byjus.com sample papers.


  • CBSE Sample Papers for Economics Class 12

You can log on to www.cbse.nic.in to get CBSE Sample papers issued by them every year.

  • Download solved CBSE Economics sample papers

Download Solved CBSE Sample papers from our website.