ICSE Selina Solutions for Class 10

The examination of ICSE is conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination for Class 10 students. The board exam of class 10 is considered to be very crucial as the marks gained in this particular exam helps the student decide their stream for the following year. It is often found that students deal with a lot of mental pressure during their 10th grade. Though considered to be one of the toughest academic years, one can easily come out with flying colours by following a proper study plan.

Fear and exams, to most of the students, are inter-related. To get rid of this exam-fear, it is mandatory to learn all the concepts. But, is knowing all the chapters thoroughly enough to score well in the exam? The answer is “NO”. To score well in the examination, along with a strong knowledge of the concepts, one should also know to portray the answers in the examination point of view.

Textbooks by Selina publishers, the most sought out books by the students of ICSE, contains several questions from each chapter for the students to solve. The subject experts at BYJU’S are providing the best possible answers for the questions of Selina. Check out the chapter-wise Selina solutions of each subject from the links given below to understand the technique of writing the solutions as per the examination perspective.

Practise This Question

What can be the reason behind elderly people reading the newspaper keeping the paper at a distance more than the usual?