ICSE Class 3 Social Studies Syllabus

ICSE Class 3 Social Studies Syllabus is a study material that does complete justification to the students studying in Class 3. The ICSE offers the right study guidance to students in all aspects. The board not only prescribes effective and easy-to-follow syllabi but also conducts exams and evaluates the performance of students at every academic session in a balanced way. The board prepares suitable sample papers, question papers and other worthwhile learning materials to give them support at every stage of the academic session. The ICSE Class 3 Syllabus, crafted by the ICSE, helps students to comprehend the topics to learn in the academic year.

Download the ICSE Class 3 Social Studies Syllabus PDF 2023-24

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The Syllabus of the ICSE Class 3 Social Studies

  1. Understanding Changes
  2. Community: Helping Each Other
  3. Safety Rules
  4. India – A Land of Rich Heritage
  5. The Earth – An Introduction
  6. The Environment – An Introduction


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