ICSE Class 3 Social Studies Syllabus

ICSE offers right study guidance to students in all aspect. The board not only prescribes effective and easy-to-follow syllabus but also conducts exams and evaluates the performance of the students at every academic session in a balanced way. The board prepares suitable sample papers, question papers and other worthwhile learning materials to give the students support at every stage of the academic session. ICSE Class 3 Social Studies Syllabus is one such study material that does complete justification to the students studying in class 3.

Download ICSE Class 3 Social Studies Syllabus

The syllabus of ICSE Class 3 Social Studies is given below:

  1. Understanding Changes
  2. Community: Helping Each Other
  3. Safety Rules
  4. India – A Land of Rich Heritage
  5. The Earth – An Introduction
  6. The Environment – An Introduction

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