ICSE Experiments

Practical Experiments are crucial to understanding how things work. It is as essential as theoretical knowledge. Practical experiments lead to a much deeper understanding of a concept through the act of doing and personal experience. It is found to be more useful in our actual day-to-day work. So, students need to have practical knowledge which will help them to learn more effectively as they can visualize the concepts and principles. Students of ICSE should take their practical exam seriously and must aim to get full marks, which in turn would increase their overall score in the exam.

All the experiments mentioned in the table below are taken from the official ICSE syllabus. Click the links to get the practical exam experiments for Class 9 and 10 Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

By performing the experiments, students can understand the theoretical concepts easily as practical work is the application to it. Theory creates a strong base for practical work, and students should maintain a balance between theory and practical for best results. Getting theoretical knowledge has no value until students can apply it for practical purposes. Students are advised not to overlook and ignore the practical exam and prepare all the ICSE Physics, Chemistry, and Biology experiments along with the theory part.

Advantages of ICSE Practical Exam

  • Practical work promotes experiential learning.
  • Practical work encourages self-learning.
  • Practical work familiarizes students with tools and equipment that they will be required to use.
  • Practical work complements the theory.
  • Practical work makes students independent and increases their confidence.
  • Students understand the complex theoretical concepts easily by performing the experiments.
  • By performing the experiments, they understand how theoretical concepts are used in our daily activities.
  • Practical is the application of theoretical concepts.

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