ICSE Class 9 Experiments

ICSE Class 9 marks a turning point in the life of students, wherein they realize what is at stake for the next year. The studies of CBSE Class 9 plays an important role in preparing a strong base for the CBSE Class 10 Board exam. So, to help students, we have compiled the ICSE Class 9 practical syllabus. Experiments of ICSE Class 9 are as important as theoretical knowledge to students. It will help them to learn better when they do it practically. The practical syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Biology is provided below so that students can go through it before trying out the experiments.

Students always have a habit of not taking the practical exam seriously, but they must be aware that scoring full marks in their practical exam will help them to increase their overall marks. ICSE Class 9 students are advised not to overlook and ignore the practical exam and prepare for it sincerely. Before participating in the experiments, students should have complete knowledge of the theoretical concepts. Students should know the proper method before experimenting.

The practical syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of ICSE Class 9 is mentioned below in the table as prescribed by the ICSE Board.

Benefits of practical knowledge over theoretical knowledge

Practical knowledge goes parallel with theoretical knowledge. Practical work is an application of theory which creates a strong base for it. Students should balance both things equally for the best results. A few of the benefits of practical knowledge are provided below:

  • It helps in promoting experimental learning and encourages self-learning.
  • The lab manual familiarizes students with tools and equipment that he will be required to use.
  • Practising the practical experiment will help to understand the theory part easily.
  • It is often carried out in groups. Group work helps to inculcate social values and values like sharing, cooperation, team spirit, compassion, etc.
  • Practical work makes students independent and increases their confidence.

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