ICSE Class 10 Experiments

ICSE Class 10 practicals play a vital role for students that helps them to engage more within the topics of the subject. The subjects become more interesting with these practical experiments. These experiments are methodical procedures that are conducted to counter, support and justify hypothesis. The syllabus of ICSE Class 10 practical is prepared by the ICSE Board related to the topics mentioned in the theory syllabus. The concepts included in ICSE Class 10 practicals are very important because these theories are also included in the Class 10 board examination.

Students must read all the theories and concepts before appearing in the practical examination. They should practice the diagrams which are required for practical experiments as described in the lab manual. ICSE Class 10 practical syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are mentioned in the table provided below, from where students can download it in pdf format. The practical exam for ICSE Class 10 consists of a total of 20 marks. Practical experiments help students to visualize the concepts related to science. Before performing the experiments, students should have proper knowledge of the Biology theory concepts. It will help them to understand the concepts more efficiently.

Click the links below to download the ICSE Class 10 practical syllabus in PDF format.

ICSE Class 10 Physics Practical
ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Practical
ICSE Class 10 Biology Practical

Benefits of performing ICSE Class 10 Practicals

Along with the theory part scoring well in practicals is also important as it increases the overall percentage. Students prepare effectively for their practical exam as they do for the theory part. Some of the benefits of performing ICSE Class 10 practicals are:

  • It helps students to enhance their scientific knowledge.
  • By doing experiments, students learn how to handle and operate the apparatus etc.
  • Participation in experiments keeps students motivated to know more and more of science.
  • Practical work helps students to participate in the learning process actively.
  • It enhances the development of their problem-solving skills.
  • By performing the practicals, students can understand the importance of it in our daily lives.
  • Practical works make the learning process easier for students.

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