ICSE Class 7 Important Questions

Students who wish to score high in their ICSE Class 7 exam should dedicate enough time to practising and solving the important questions from different topics. To provide students with the required practice of the different topics as per the ICSE Syllabus Class 7, there are lots of study materials and useful resources available. Students access the textbooks and previous year question papers to get the required practice and also to self-assess their knowledge of a subject. The ICSE Class 7 Important Questions are prepared by our subject experts to benefit the students while preparing for their final exam.

All the subject-wise important questions are mentioned below and framed as per the syllabus so that students can refer to it while revising the entire syllabus. These important questions will help students to know on which topic they should concentrate more. After completing the entire ICSE Class 7 syllabus, students should practice these important questions so that they can fetch good marks in their exams.

Click on the links given below to download the subject-wise ICSE Class 7 Important Questions

ICSE Class 7 Maths Important Questions
ICSE Class 7 Biology Important Questions
ICSE Class 7 Chemistry Important Questions
ICSE Class 7 Physics Important Questions

Benefits of solving important questions of ICSE Class 7

  • ICSE Important questions added to cover important topics and concepts of the subject
  • Students attain more practice by answering important questions
  • Help students to study for exams, as they are able to self-assess their preparations
  • Students gain the confidence to face the final exams as they have covered all the important topics before getting into the examination hall.


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