ICSE Class 8 Chemistry

Chemistry, at its core, defines the working of the world around us. After all, it is with atoms and chemical compounds that everything around us, including us, is made of. It means that it is necessary to know the basics of chemistry to learn how interaction takes place in the world. You can understand the world around you a lot better when you understand the basics of chemistry.

Why should you learn chemistry in Class 8?

  1. We study how everything in our world works when we learn chemistry.
  2. With knowledge in chemistry, one can understand the actual impact of product recalls and deficiencies.
  3. Chemical reactions make tasty treats in the kitchen.
  4. Knowing the basics of chemistry allows us to make smarter decisions regarding medicines and other materials.

ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Chapters


Chemical Reactions

Physical and Chemical Changes


Elements, Compounds and Mixtures


Atomic Structure

Carbon and Its Compounds

Language of Chemistry

ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Syllabus

ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Selina Solutions

ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Sample paper

ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Important questions

ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Videos

How to prepare for ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Examination?

  • Study your concepts thoroughly, and make sure that you can write what you read.
  • Try to solve as many previous years question papers as possible to get an idea of repeated questions.
  • List out the important topics so that you won’t skip any important topic, and would be able to revise each and every subtopic and concepts easily.

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