ICSE Class 8 English Books

ICSE Class 8 English Books are provided here for students to help them in their studies. The board has given students the liberty to study from any book. It has only prescribed the ICSE syllabus for class 8 English, in which the topics to be covered during the academic year are mentioned. Students can study those topics from any resource. Since numerous books are available in the market, students get confused about which book to follow. So, to help them, we have provided the recommended Books for Class 8 English.

ICSE Books for Class 8 English

Students can have a look at the list of ICSE Class 8 English books below:

Books Publisher/Author
Foundations In English Class 8 Pearson/Tara Chadha & Lalitha Eapen
Learner’s Grammar and Composition Class 8 Oxford/Sanghita Sen
Starting With Comprehension And Composition Class 8 Pearson/D.A. Tressler & Ratna Dhar

Studying these books will help students to cover the topics mentioned in the syllabus. Also, they will come across a few questions from these books in the exam. So, students must thoroughly prepare from these ICSE Class 8 English Books.

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