ICSE Class 10 Geography Syllabus

ICSE Class 10 Geography Syllabus is given on this page. The Class 10th ICSE Syllabus for Geography contains the paper pattern, as well as the topics to be covered during the entire academic session. Apart from the Geography Class 10 Syllabus, we have also provided the Internal Assessment and Practical/Project Work. Students can download the latest ICSE Class 10 Syllabus for Geography in PDF format for the year 2024 from the link below.

ICSE Class 10 Geography Syllabus PDF for the Year 2023-24 – Download the Latest Syllabus

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ICSE Class 10 Geography Paper Pattern 2023-24

ICSE Class 10 students will have one paper on Geography subject of 2 hours of duration carrying 80 marks. There will be an Internal Assessment of 20 marks. The theory paper will consist of two parts, Part I and Part II.

Part Topics
Part 1 Consist of 2 Questions.

Question 1 will be based on a Topographical Map. Question 2 will be based on an outline Map of India.

Part 2 Students will be expected to answer any 5 questions.

ICSE Class 10 Geography Syllabus – Part I (Map Work)

1. Interpretation of Topographical Maps

2. Map of India

ICSE Class 10 Geography Syllabus – Part II (Geography of India)

3. Location, Extent and Physical features

4. Climate

5. Soil Resources

6. Natural Vegetation

7. Water Resources

8. Mineral and Energy Resources

9. Agriculture

10. Manufacturing Industries

11. Transport

12. Waste Management

ICSE Class 10 Geography Internal Assessment – Practical/Project Work

Students will be required to prepare a project report on any one topic. The topics for assignments may be selected from the list of suggested assignments given below. Students can also do an assignment of their choice under any of the areas given below.

Suggested List of Assignments

1. Local Geography

(a) Land use pattern in different regions of India– a comparative analysis.

(b) The survey of a local market on the types of shops and services offered.

2. Environment

Wildlife conservation efforts in India.

3. Current Geographical Issues

Development of tourism in India.

4. Transport in India

Development of Road, Rail, Water and Air routes.

5. List different type of industries in the States and collect information about the types of raw materials used, modes of their procurement and disposal of wastes generated. Classify these industries as polluting or environment friendly and suggest possible ways of reducing pollution caused by these units.

6. Need for industrialization in India, the latest trends and its impact on economy of India.

7. Visit a water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant or garbage dumping or vermicomposting sites in the locality and study their working.

We have also compiled the syllabus of all subjects in a single place. Students can access them easily by visiting the ICSE Class 10 Syllabus page. Download BYJU’S – The Learning App and fall in love with learning.


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