ICSE Class 6 Syllabus

Download New Syllabus for ICSE class 6

ICSE board has carved out the syllabus in very detailed manner and covers a vast number of topics which are discussed completely in each standard. The CISCE board maintains a healthy environment so that students are able to develop their skills and qualities in a right way. Class 6 of the ICSE board is the base for all the fundamental concepts of maths and science which will help to understand difficult topics in higher standards.

Based on educational requirements for a class 6th student, the ICSE board prepares appropriate syllabus, question papers, sample papers and many other relevant learning documents for each standard. ICSE syllabus is well-prepared in all respects. The board analyzes students’ learning requirements as well as their ability and accordingly, it designs syllabus and other learning materials. As we all know, syllabus guides students throughout the academic session and imparts requisite subject knowledge to students. Herea at BYJU’S students can easily download the ICSE class 6 syllabus for maths and science which will help them in better preparation of the subjects.


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The number 4_6 is divisible by 3. Which of the following can be the missing digit.