ICSE Class 6 Syllabus

ICSE board has carved out the syllabus of Class 6 in such a way that it includes the basic concepts of the fundamental topics in each subject. The CISCE strives to maintain a healthy environment to help the students in developing their skills and qualities, in the right way. The Class 6 of the ICSE board holds the base for all the subjects, including maths and science, aiding the students in the process of learning harder topics that are more likely to appear in the higher classes.

Based on educational requirements for a class 6th student, the ICSE board prepares suitable syllabus, question papers, sample papers and many other relevant learning materials. ICSE syllabus is a well-developed resource for the students in all aspects. The board analyses and revises the syllabus according to the learning requirements of the students. In short, the ICSE class 6 syllabus guides students throughout the academic session and imparts necessary subject knowledge to students.

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Practise This Question

If the following bar graph represents the sales of different fruits from a stall in 1 day, what is the difference between the weight of highest sold fruit and the weight of the least sold fruit?
Here the horizontal axis is x axis which represents  fruit and vertical axis is y axis which represents number of fruits. The scale for x axis is 1cm = 1 fruit name and y axis 1cm = 5 fruits .