ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Syllabus

The ICSE board takes a genuine attempt at developing the skills and knowledge of the students in an appropriate manner. The board prepares proper syllabus and other valuable learning materials to impart a detailed knowledge in each subject to the students. The ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Syllabus explains the whole chemistry curriculum that has to be covered in the year. The chapters or topics to be covered in the academic year is mentioned clearly, with sub-topics in the syllabus.

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Chemistry Syllabus for Class 6 ICSE Board:

Introduction to Chemistry Elements

  • Chemistry
  • Development of Chemistry
  • A historical perspective
  • Food and Chemistry
  • Cosmetics and Chemistry
  • Clothing and Chemistry
  • Chemicals as Medicines
  • Chemicals in Industries

Compounds and Mixtures

  • Element
  • Compound
  • Mixture
  • Difference between mixtures and compounds
  • Separation techniques of mixtures


  • States of Matter
  • Classification of matter
  • Effect of heat on matter


  • Importance of water in everyday life
  • Definition of Solute, Solvent and Solution
  • Water pollution

Air and Atmosphere

  • Air – a mixture of gases
  • Percentage composition of air
  • Uses of the components present in air.
  • Definition of atmosphere as layer of air around the earth.

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