ICSE Class 5 Sample Paper

Subject experts often suggest students practice sample papers before their final exams. ICSE Class 5 Sample Papers are considered the one-stop solution for all students studying in ICSE Class 5. These ICSE sample papers are well-structured as the well-versed academic experts prepare them at BYJU’S. Moreover, sample papers for ICSE Class 5 are designed subject-wise, making them comprehensive and complete.

It has been proven that ICSE sample papers assisted students in becoming systematic and organised with their studies. Therefore, students are suggested to practice these papers regularly to bring out the best result. ICSE sample papers also provide some relevant information, including the marking scheme and the current question pattern, based on which the students can prepare each chapter in the right manner.

Download the ICSE Class 5 Sample Papers from the links given in the table below.

ICSE Sample Paper for Class 5 Maths
ICSE Sample Paper for Class 5 Science
ICSE Sample Paper for Class 5 Social Science
ICSE Sample Paper for Class 5 English Language
ICSE Sample Paper for Class 5 English Literature

What are the benefits of ICSE Class 5 Sample Papers?

  1. By using sample papers, students can improve their time management skills and also keep a check on their preparations.
  2. By following these papers, students can determine their strengths and weaknesses with respect to the topics, chapters and subjects.
  3. Sample papers assist students in building self-confidence and eradicating exam fear in them.


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