ISC Class 12 Mathematics Marking Scheme

Do you know what it takes to get admission in the most elite institutions of our country? It’s the 12 board result; it doesn’t matter whether you are medical, non-medical, commerce, or art student. Class 12 is the last year of schooling education, and your overall schooling performance is judged based on your 12th exam marks. It won’t be wrong if we call class 12 as the base of your future.

ICSE Class 12 Mathematics Marking Scheme

When it comes to ISC Class 12 Mathematics Scheme, it requires systematic and well-organized preparation. Here we have some useful and effective tips on how to crack Mathematics paper of your final year of schooling and achieve the best score. The Marking Scheme of Mathematics consists of 10 units and accordingly allotted marks to each in the following way:

S.No. Unit Total Weightage
Section A: 65 Marks
1. Relations and Functions 10 Marks
2. Algebra 10 Marks
3. Calculus 32 Marks
4. Probability 13 Marks
Section B: 15 Marks
5. Vectors 5 Marks
6. Three-Dimensional Geometry 6 Marks
7. Application of Integral 4 Marks
Section C: 15 Marks
8. Application of Calculus 5 Marks
9. Linear Regression 6 Marks
10. Linear Programming 4 Marks
Total 80 Marks

As we can see, maximum marks are carried by Calculus, then probability and then Algebra and relations and functions. So let’s concentrate more on Calculus first since it seems scoring and important.

After knowing all the marking scheme and distribution of ISC class 12 Mathematics and the concepts and topics, you need to be prepared. Start working from the start and give more importance according to the marks distribution and pattern of the question paper.

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