ICSE Full Form

ICSE Full Form

ICSE Full Form

What is the full form of ICSE? Are you the one who is searching for this, then you have landed on correct page. Here, we will get to know the full form of ICSE along with other important details related to the board. So, go through it to find out the answer of your question.

The ICSE full form is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. ICSE is the abbreviation used for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. The CICSE board has been formed to offer an examination in a curriculum of general schooling, with the commendations of the 1986 Education Policy, by the medium of English. Private scholars are not allowed to appear for this exam. The mode of examination in ICSE is English. It is a private, non-governmental board of school education in India for Class 10th.

The ICSE syllabus is vast and lengthy and it gives emphasis on the detailed study of each subject with an edge over English. The ICSE syllabus is well-structured and compressive. It aims to impart analytical skills, problem-solving skills and practical knowledge to the students. ICSE is newer so it has fever scholarships and talent search examinations.The Council governs the ICSE, aiming to provide education for all and promote the sphere interests of science, literature, and fine arts. It believes in bringing about a revolution in the impartment of useful knowledge for all.

Subjects in ICSE

The subjects offered by ICSE is divided into three parts. Part I, II and III. Given below are the subjects of Class 9 and 10 according to the groups. ICSE results are taken from best five of six subjects out of which English marks is compulsory.

Group 1 (Compulsory subjects)

Second Language
History/Civics & Geography
Science Application

Group 2 (Any 2/3 subjects)

Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
Commercial Studies
Environmental Science
A Modern Foreign Language
A Classical Language

Group 3 (Any 1 subject)

Computer applications
Technical drawing
Hindustan Music
Carnatic Music
Instrumental music
Physical Education
Economic applications
Commercial Applications
Mass media and communication
Modern foreign language
Environmental Applications
Performing Arts

ICSE Class 10 Marking Scheme

The marking scheme help students to get an idea about the overall structure of marks division for all the subjects. Students can prepare their studies accordingly as per the marks distribution giving more emphasis to important topics. The marking scheme of all the subjects from all the three groups are mentioned below.

GROUP I: (Compulsory) Percentage External Examination Percentage Internal Examination
English 80% 20%
A Second Language (one/two) 80% 20%
History, Civics and Geography 80% 20%
GROUP II: (Any two/three of the following subjects)
Mathematics 80% 20%
Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) 80% 20%
Economics 80% 20%
Commercial Studies 80% 20%
A Modern Foreign Language 80% 20%
A Classical Language 80% 20%
Environmental Science 80% 20%
GROUP III: (Any one of the following subjects)
Computer Applications 50% 50%
Economic Applications 50% 50%
Commercial Applications 50% 50%
Art 50% 50%
Performing Arts 50% 50%
Home Science 50% 50%
Cookery 50% 50%
Fashion Designing 50% 50%
Physical Education 50% 50%
Yoga 50% 50%
Technical Drawing Applications 50% 50%
Environmental Applications 50% 50%
A Modern Foreign Language 50% 50%

Advantages of ICSE

  1. The syllabus covered by ICSE for all the subjects includes good amount of depth so that all the concepts are clear and properly understood by the students.
  2. It gives a lot of options to students when it comes to choosing which subjects a student wants to study.
  3. It emphasises more on English fluency which results in ICSE students being more articulate in English than others.
  4. It also emphasises on students becoming active problem-solvers with a good amount of practical skills rather than just being a good academics.
  5. All over the world, most high-education institutes accept ICSE as an official educational qualification.

We hope students have found this information on ICSE Abbreviation useful. Stay tuned with BYJU’S to get the latest news and notification on ICSE Exam along with syllabus, marking scheme, sample papers, previous year question papers and more.


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