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IIT JEE Study Material

IIT JEE Study Material

IIT JEE Study Materials are designed by our highly experienced faculty experts who have put tremendous efforts and devoted a lot of their energy and time in preparing well-structured study material for IIT JEE covering all the important facts, formulas, and concepts included in your exam syllabus.

Highlights Of IIT JEE Study Material

  • These IIT JEE Study Materials have been prepared with an objective of an overall evolution of students’ concepts in a manner that the students understand all the theorems, formulas, and derivations quite effectively by linking them with their practical applications and illustrating plentiful solved problems in the simplest possible ways.
  • These IIT JEE notes cover almost all the basic fundamentals of each and every concept helpful for cracking various undergraduate level engineering entrance exams.

JEE 2022 Study Plan

Candidates can check the IIT JEE 2022 study plan to prepare effectively and productively for the exam.

Date Subject Chapters for Revision Formula Sheet Chapter-wise Past year paper questions PDFs  Solutions
30 Mar, 2022 Physics Unit and Dimension, Kinematics, Laws of Motion Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF
30 Mar, 2022 Chemistry Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry Atomic structure Chemical bonding and molecular structure Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF
30 Mar, 2022 Mathematics Sets Inequalities, Modulus and Logarithms Quadratic Equation Relations and Functions Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF
31 Mar, 2022 Physics Work, Energy and Power, System of Particles Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF
31 Mar, 2022 Chemistry Gaseous State Equilibrium Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF
31 Mar, 2022 Mathematics Trigonometric Functions Trigonometric Equations Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF
1 Apr, 2022 Physics Rotational Motion Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF
1 Apr, 2022 Chemistry Chemical Thermodynamics Redox reactions Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF
1 Apr, 2022 Mathematics Sequence and Series Binomial Theorem Permutations and Combinations Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF
2 Apr, 2022 Physics

JEE Main Part Test 1

(Syllabus: 30th march till 1st April)

Download PDF
2 Apr, 2022 Chemistry
2 Apr, 2022 Mathematics

Get the complete study plan and PDFs by visiting the link given below:

IIT JEE Full Study Plan

IIT JEE Subject-wise Study Materials

The students can boost their preparations by referring to the IIT JEE Study Material from the links mentioned below:

IIT JEE Maths Study Material

IIT JEE Algebra

Binomial Theorem Matrices
Determinants Functions and Its Types
Logarithm Complex Numbers

IIT JEE Coordinate Geometry

Hyperbola Ellipse
Parabola Circles
Straight Lines 3D Geometry

IIT JEE Trigonometry

Trigonometry Angle Measurement
Inverse Trigonometric Functions

IIT JEE Calculus

Limits, Continuity and Differentiability Differentiation
Applications of Derivatives Integration
Definite and Indefinite Integration Differential Equations

IIT JEE Chemistry Study Material

IIT JEE Inorganic Chemistry

F Block Elements Group 13 Elements
D Block Elements Group 14 Elements
Polymers Coordination Compounds
Hydrogen Types Methods Of Preparation Hardness Of Water, Types and Removal
Hydrogen Peroxide Heavy Water Preparation Properties

IIT JEE Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Inductive Effect
Purification of Organic Compounds Qualitative Analysis Of Organic Compounds
Lassaigne Test Victor Meyers Method
Hydrocarbons Hybridization
VSEPR Theory Molecular Orbital Theory
Hydrogen Bonding Chemical Bonding
Fajans Rule Hydrides
Covalent Bond

IIT JEE Physical Chemistry

Chemical Equilibrium Corrosion
Ionic Equilibrium Ionization And Dissociation Redox Reactions
Equilibrium Constant Surface Chemistry
Le Chateliers Principle On Equilibrium Chemistry In Everyday Life
Solubility And Solubility Product Acid And Base
Ph And Solutions Ph Scale and Acidity
Hydrolysis Salts and Types Buffer Solutions

IIT JEE Physics Study Material

Moment of Inertia Rotational Motion
Energy Gravitation
Conservation Of Momentum Superposition Of Waves
Radiation Wave Optics
Stefan Boltzmann Law Youngs Double Slit Experiment
Newtons Law Of Cooling Conduction
Center Of Mass Elasticity
Momentum Simple Pendulum
Electrostatics Simple Harmonic Motion
Coulombs Law Spring-Mass System
Equipotential Surface Units And Dimensions
Electric Charge Gauss Law
Electric Potential Energy Electric Field Intensity
Motion Of Charged Particle In Electric Field Wave Motion
Sound Waves Capacitor Types And Capacitance

These Study materials for sure will prove to be of immense help for students preparing for several undergraduate level engineering entrance examinations like JEE Mains, BITSAT, JEE Advanced, VITEEE, SRMEEE, etc. We bring you the IIT JEE Study Material that includes several practical guidelines along with plenty of useful tips and shortcut techniques for answering difficult conceptual problems asked in JEE Exams accurately.

These IIT JEE revision notes will inculcate proper time management abilities in students making it easier for students to solve difficult and complicated problems quickly with a much-improved speed and accuracy. All the important IIT JEE problems are solved at the end of each concept assisting the students to analyze their preparations and accordingly assist them in strengthening their weaker sections. Also, these IIT JEE study materials will keep students updated with the latest examination trends and impart an understanding of the real exam scenario. These IIT JEE notes contain all the important concepts from where the questions are frequently picked in IIT JEE and several other competitive exams, thus, benefiting the students to figure out all the important and less important concepts, hence, serving as a one-stop solution for clearing all your doubts related to any concept included in IIT JEE Syllabus.

Important Concepts For JEE

Important Chemistry Topics For IIT JEE
Important Maths Topics For IIT JEE
Important Physics Topics For IIT JEE

Important Formulas For JEE

Important Mathematics Formulas
Important Chemistry Formulas
Important Physics Formulas

Frequently Asked Questions On IIT JEE Study Material

When is the best time to start preparing for JEE exams?

In order to crack IIT JEE, candidates require strong preparation. The syllabus is vast and if they want to master all the topics candidates should start preparing at least when they are in 11th standard or at least two years in advance. Remember it is not only about preparing but candidates also need to have enough time for revisions. This is an important study exercise as well.

Has NTA introduced any new changes in the JEE syllabus?

No, there is no change in the JEE syllabus. It is still the same as the previous years.

What does the JEE study material comprise of?

Normally the JEE study material consists of several things such as study notes, question papers, video lectures, books, etc. Candidates can use these study materials to not only get a better understanding of the important concepts but they can significantly boost their preparation level.

What are the subjects included in JEE?

There are three primary science subjects that students have to study and master for JEE. The subjects include Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Usually, Maths and Physics are on the difficult side with tricky and numerical questions while Chemistry is easier and mostly consists of direct questions.

Will candidates be allowed to use a calculator or any other device in the exam?

No. Candidates will not be allowed to carry or use calculators or any other electronic device during the exams.


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