Important Math formulas for IIT JEE

Mathematics is a crucial part of the JEE Exams and there is no way an aspiring candidate will neglect this subject. This article is intended to help students to study smarter rather than just harder. The way you study could make or break you, hence it is crucial to prepare in a right way. Nevertheless, studying smarter is not an excuse to quit hard working, it goes hand in hand. Before starting your preparations for JEE, it is important to judge yourself and understand where exactly you stand in a particular subject. If you are extremely weak in understanding mathematics, start with the basics, and eventually master them. Spend as much time as needed in understanding a particular concept but make sure that when you go back to that topic, there is no doubt left unclear and this includes, the math formulas related to that particular topic. Now coming to the optimization of your time and the best study techniques for preparing Mathematics for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced:

1. Make a proper study timetable and follow the same. If you have allotted say, three hours for studying mathematics in the evening then try and follow the same pattern every day.

2. Make sure to take properly scheduled breaks while studying Mathematics. Mathematics is definitely a tough subject and require proper attention, but it is difficult to discipline your mind for long, hence proper breaks could help you a lot in understanding Mathematics.

3. Make sure to practice questions with the variations in difficulty level. For Example, if you pick an extremely hard topic, go for an easier one the next time and relax your mind for a while.

4. Never study mathematics when you are tired, instead of wasting your time it’s better to take a nap and start again with a fresh mind.

5. Make proper notes, write down the important formulas and refer to them whenever required, learn to organize your thoughts in the same way. This will eventually help you to retain maths formulas for a longer period of time.

6. Memorize actively, not passively. Do not memorize the mathematics formulas over and over again, try to understand them and focus more on using them in problems as much as possible without consulting the textbook or your notes.

7. Most importantly, keep a positive frame of mind while preparing for Mathematics.

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