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Quick Read - Important Chemistry Formulas For IIT JEE

Chemistry is often considered the easiest section amongst the likes of Physics and Maths in JEE. Besides, JEE aspirants if they develop a good knowledge of the subject and its content, especially the formulas, they will have a better opportunity to perform and score well in both JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams.

Having said that, it has often been told to students that the best way to remember is to revise often. Apart from that, you should practice solving problems often. In essence, the more you practice and use the equations, you will be adept at tackling the questions in the JEE exam.

Alternatively, to help you go through this section in the upcoming JEE exams, we are offering a chapter-wise list of important chemistry formulae to help you crack the exam.

IIT JEE Chemistry Formulae For JEE

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Test Your Knowledge On Important Chemistry Formulas For Jee!