Checkout NEET 2022 Question Paper Analysis : Checkout NEET 2022 Question Paper Analysis :

NEET 2020 Question Paper with Solutions - Download PDF, watch Video solutions

NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2020 with Solutions – Free PDF Download

The much-awaited NEET 2020 Exams were finally conducted on 13th September 2020 after having been delayed twice. The NEET Question paper 2020 is available here to download in PDF format.

The question paper for NEET was available in 11 languages. NEET 2020 question paper is now available for students to check and download. Learn and understand NEET better with previous year NEET question paper with answers 2020. Explore in detail.

NEET 2022 Paper Live Discussion with Solutions | NEET 2022 Question paper with Answer Key | NEET 2022 Paper Discussion Live! Watch now

Download NEET 2022 Question Paper With Solutions PDF:Download here

NEET 2020 Question Paper – Download PDF of Physics, Chemistry and Biology Paper

Get access to NEET Question paper 2020 available to download for all 3 subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Click on the corresponding links provided below and download the PDF of the previous year NEET question paper with answers 2020 for all the 3 subjects.

NEET Question Paper 2020 PDF – NEET Previous Year Question Paper

NEET 2020 Question Paper PDF – Physics 

Download PDF
NEET 2020 Question Paper PDF – Chemistry Download PDF
NEET 2020 Question Paper PDF – Biology

Download PDF

NEET 2020 Answer Keys PDF – NEET Previous Year Question Paper

Download NEET 2020 Answer Keys PDF 

NEET-UG 2020 was conducted successfully with all the precautionary measures, which concluded on 13th September 2020 at 5 pm across 155 cities, 3842 exam centres. 85-90% of the registered candidates participated in NEET.

NEET 2021 Question Paper with Solutions – Video Solutions with explanation

How To Download NEET 2020 Question Paper PDF? – NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2020

For the convenience of students, the NEET 2020 paper PDF has been provided separately for all the sections – Physics, Chemistry, Biology

  • Select the Section (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) of NEET question paper 2020 you want to download from the table given above
  • Click on the “Download PDF” link provided in the adjacent column, paper is available in the PDF format
  • Lastly, click on the download icon provided in the top right corner and save it

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NEET Previous Years’ Question Papers with Solutions – Download PDF

NEET 2019 Question Paper PDF – NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2019

NEET Question Paper 2019 – Download PDF
Download NEET 2019 Question Paper 

NEET 2019 Answer Key – Download PDF

The following table provides the direct link to download the PDF of the NEET 2019 answer key.

NEET Answer Keys with Code Link
Download NEET 2019 Answer Key PDF Click here

NEET 2018 Question Paper PDF – NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2018

NEET 2017 Question Paper PDF – NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2017

Click on the below links to download the complete set wise NEET paper 2017 with solutions and answer keys.

NEET 2016 Question Paper PDF – NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2016

Click here to download the complete set wise Phase 1 and Phase 2 NEET 2016 Question paper with solutions and answer keys.

NEET 2015 Question Paper PDF – NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2015

Click here to download the NEET 2015 question paper with solutions and answer keys.

NEET 2020 Paper Exam Pattern – NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2020

The question paper was objective question-based with a total of 180 questions, 45 questions each from Physics, Chemistry and 90 questions from the Biology section. Candidates were recommended to practise the previous year NEET question paper with answers for 2020. With its regular practice, students were easily able to get acquainted with the pattern and format of the question paper.

The paper was asked for a total of 720 marks with a negative marking scheme. 4 marks are awarded for every correct response, and 1 mark is deducted for each incorrect response. The paper was asked in 11 different languages, wherein the paper comes in the English language (which is by default) and anyone language of your preference, that was selected during the time of registration.

NEET 2020 Paper – Pagewise details of NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2020

  • Details seen on the first page of the paper are – code of question paper, language/medium of the paper, instructions, count of pages in the booklet
  • At the time of registration, students are asked to enter anyone language of preference apart from English (default). Questions hence are provided in these 2 languages
  • Questions – Question is provided with the question number, continuous with all the sections, below which 4 options are provided. One is correct and the remaining 3 options are incorrect
  •  Students are also provided with an OMR sheet to bubble the correct answers

NEET 2020 Question Paper Analysis – NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2020

The question paper for NEET 2020 was strictly aligned with NCERT syllabus for NEET. While the question paper drew mixed reactions, most students felt that the NEET question paper 2020 was relatively easier compared to the previous year. Biology had some tricky questions, but was easy overall. Physics, which is usually considered to be the toughest, had some lengthy questions but could be cracked. Chemistry too was NCERT based, organic chemistry had some challenging questions.

Overall, NEET 2020 Question paper was easy as conveyed by most students and experts as students had enough time to prepare for NEET.

NEET experts at BYJU’S bring to you the complete analysis of the NEET 2020 Question paper with PDF. Read on.

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NEET 2020 Subject-Wise Analysis

NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2020 Physics Analysis

Physics was reasoned as easier compared to previous years with questions being asked from the NCERT syllabus for NEET. Mostly, questions were based on NCERT and computations were not as lengthy. Most questions appeared from the Mechanics unit.

Tabulated below is the subject-wise analysis of questions from different sections – Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

NEET 2020 Question Paper Analysis – Physics

Class Chapter name Level of Difficulty
Easy Average Challenging
Class 11 Mechanics 10 1 1
Heat & Thermodynamics 3 2 0
Waves 0 0 1

Class 12

Magnetism 2 4 0
Modern Physics 6 1 1
Electricity 3 6 0
Optics 1 2 1
Total Questions 45

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NEET 2020 Subject-Wise Analysis – Chemistry

NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2020 Chemistry Analysis

The chemistry section could be categorized between easy and average. Typically, 15 questions are asked from each of the Chemistry sections – Physical, Organic and Inorganic. However, this time around, fewer questions (12) were asked from the Inorganic section while the most number of questions were asked from Organic chemistry section (18). Again, NCERT-based questions dominated in the chemistry section as well.

NEET 2020 Question Paper Analysis – Chemistry

Class Section Level of Difficulty
Easy Average Challenging
Class 11 Physical Chemistry 1 3 3
Organic Chemistry 2 2 0
Inorganic Chemistry 3 4 3

Class 12

Physical Chemistry 3 5 1
Organic Chemistry 3 5 1
Inorganic Chemistry 2 3 1
Total Questions 45

NEET 2020 Subject-Wise Analysis – Botany

NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2020 Botany Analysis

A total of 43 questions were asked from the Botany section. This section was considered to be challenging compared to previous trends. Only 2 questions were beyond the scope of NCERT. Most questions were asked from the Plant physiology unit.

NEET 2020 Question Paper Analysis – Botany

Class Chapter name Level of Difficulty
Easy Average Challenging
Class 11 Plant Physiology 3 2 4
Cell and cell cycle 1 1 4
Structural organization of plants 3 0 2
Diversity of Life 1 3 1

Class 12

Genetics 2 1 4
Ecology 2 2 3
Biology in Human welfare 0 1 1
Reproduction and sexual reproduction 1 1 0
Total Questions 43

NEET 2020 Subject-Wise Analysis – Zoology

NEET Previous Year Question Paper 2020 Zoology Analysis

Zoology fared moderately on the difficulty meter. Some questions were twisted. 47 questions appeared from the Zoology section. Some questions required interlinking of concepts while some others assessed application capabilities. Most questions appeared from the Human Physiology unit.

NEET 2020 Question Paper Analysis – Zoology

Class Chapter name Level of Difficulty
Easy Average Challenging
Class 11 Human Physiology 1 7 4
Biomolecules 3 2 1
Animal Kingdom 2 2 1
Structural organization of animals 1 0 1

Class 12

Animal husbandry and Biotechnology 3 4 3
Human Reproduction and reproductive health 0 2 2
Evolutions theories and evidences 3 0 1
Human Health and diseases 0 3 1
Total Questions 47

Important Topics for NEET – Weightage of Chapters for NEET 2020 QP

Listed below are important chapters for NEET-UG along with the average number of questions asked in the NEET Exam from that topic based on previous trends (NEET 2006 – NEET 2019). This can help the candidates to be a step ahead with the preparation.

NEET Physics Weightage – Preparation with NEET 2020 QP

Name of Unit Chapter’s name Average no. of questions
Physical World and Measurement Physical World and Units and Measurement 1
Motion in Straight Line 2
Motion in a Plane 1-2
Laws of Motion Laws of Motion 2-3
Work, Energy and Power Work, Energy and Power 2
System of Particles and Rotational Motion System of Particles and Rotational Motion 2-3
Gravitation Gravitation 2
Properties of Bulk Matter
Mechanical Properties of Solids 1
Mechanical Properties of Fluids 1
Thermal Properties of Matter 1-2
Oscillations and Waves
Oscillations 1-2
Waves 1-2
Thermodynamics Thermodynamics 1-2
Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory Kinetic Theory 1
Electric Charges and Fields 1-2
Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance 1-2
Current Electricity Current Electricity 4
Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Moving Charges and Magnetism 2
Magnetism and Matter 1
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Electromagnetic Induction 1
Alternating Currents 1
Electromagnetic Waves Electromagnetic Waves 1
Ray Optics and Optical Instruments 2
Wave Optics 1
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter 2-3
Atoms and Nuclei
Atoms 1-2
Nuclei 2
Electronic Devices Semiconductor Electronics 3
Communication Systems Communication Systems 0

NEET Chemistry Weightage – Preparation with NEET 2020 QP

Chapter’s name Average no. of questions
Hydrogen 1
s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals) 2
Some p-Block Elements 1
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 3
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 1
General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements 1
p- Block Elements 2-3
d and f Block Elements 2
Coordination Compounds 2
Environmental Chemistry 1
Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques 1-2
Hydrocarbons 3
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 2
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 1-2
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 2-3
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen 1
Biomolecules 2
Polymers 1-2
Chemistry in Everyday Life 1
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry 1-2
Structure of Atom 2
States of Matter: Gases and Liquids 1
Thermodynamics 2
Equilibrium 2-3
Redox Reactions 1
Solid State 1-2
Solutions 2
Electrochemistry 2
Chemical Kinetics 2
Surface Chemistry 1

NEET Biology Weightage – Preparation with NEET 2020 QP

Name of Unit Chapter’s name Average no. of questions
Diversity in the Living World
The Living World 1
Biological Classification 3-4
Plant Kingdom 3
Animal Kingdom 3-4
Human Physiology
Digestion and Absorption 2
Breathing and Exchange of Gases 2
Body Fluids and Circulation 2
Excretory Products and their Elimination 2
Locomotion and Movement 1-2
Neural Control and Coordination 2
Chemical Coordination and Integration 3
Plant Physiology
Transport in Plants 1-2
Mineral Nutrition 1-2
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants 2
Respiration in Plants 1
Plant Growth and Development 1-2
Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants
Morphology of Flowering Plants 3-4
Anatomy of Flowering Plants 3
Structural Organisation in Animals 2
Cell Stucture and Functions
Cell : The Unit of Life 3-4
Biomolecules 2
Cell Cycle and Cell Division 2
Biology and Human Welfare
Human Health and Disease 3-4
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production 2-3
Microbes in Human Welfare 3
Biotechnology and its Applications
Biotechnology : Principles and Processes 2-3
Biotechnology and its Applications 2
Ecology and Environment
Organisms and Populations 2
Ecosystem 2-3
Biodiversity and Conservation 2-3
Environmental Issues 3
Genetics and Evolution
Principles of Inheritance and Variation 5-6
Molecular Basis of Inheritance 4
Evolution 3
Reproduction in Organisms 1-2
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants 3-4
Human Reproduction 3-4
Reproductive Health 2

NEET 2020 Answer Key and Solutions – NEET 2020 Previous Year Paper with Solutions

The NTA releases the official set of answer keys as soon as the exam is conducted. Answer keys for NEET 2020 enable students to verify their answers and come up with a probable score. Along with answer keys, the NTA also announces the NEET Cut-off which must be cleared by candidates to qualify NEET.

Consider solving NEET Question paper 2019 to get a better idea and while solving take up NEET question papers with answers to review at that very moment. Watch this space at BYJU’S for the latest information on NEET.

How To Calculate NEET Score With NEET Paper 2020 and Answer Keys PDF?

Much before the official authorities of NEET declare the results, students are provided with the answer keys for NEET uploaded on the official website. Students must await the official declaration of results before coming to any conclusion in any case.

First, a provisional set of answer keys are released so that if there are any changes to be induced after challenging the answer keys, changes are made after reviewing by officials. Then, the final set of answer keys are released. Students can tally these answer keys with responses provided in their respective OMR sheets to find out their tentative NEET score. Provided below are steps that you can follow to calculate your tentative NEET score using the NEET paper 2020 and answer keys –

  • For each question you answered correctly, that is, when the answer key tallies, award 4 marks to that question
  • If you have answered a question incorrectly, mark it as -1. Deduct 1 mark
  • If you have marked more than one option, then deduct 1 mark
  • Do not award any mark to the question which you have not attempted

This way you can count the number of correct responses and multiply it by 4 (since each question carries 4 marks) and deduct the number of incorrect responses from this score to arrive at your final NEET score.

Why Solve NEET 2020 Previous Year Papers with solutions? – NEET 2020 Previous Year Paper with Solutions

Practising NEET 2020 with solutions

It is highly recommended for students to solve as many NEET papers from the past years as possible, at least more than the last 15 years’ papers.  It helps understand the pattern of NEET and the difficulty level of questions ranging from diverse topics. One is required to shift focus to topics carrying more weightage and prioritize them. Practice as many questions as possible, chapterwise to ensure all topics are covered.

There are instances where questions from the previous years have reappeared, perhaps framed differently. As per the previous trends, on average, 10-15 questions are repeated in some modified versions. Practising from previous years’ papers gives you an edge of already having cracked NEET level questions.

Lastly, once you have practised questions from the last years’ NEET question papers, compare them with the solutions and assess your performance, and find the most effective ways to solve each question to save time.

Top 5 Benefits of Solving NEET Previous Years’ Question Papers – NEET 2020 Previous Year Paper with Solutions

Following are some of the reasons which will convince you why solving papers from the previous years is beneficial –

  1. Previous years’ papers have been compiled and made available with solutions to students. It gives them the best idea of how exactly questions are asked in the examination, how they are framed and hence how effectively they can solve these questions
  2. Students get well versed with the NEET exam pattern and the marking scheme for NEET
  3. For self-assessment – Students can easily analyse their levels of preparation and identify strong and weak points. Then, working on improving them impacts the overall performance
  4. For effective management of time – solving NEET previous years’ question papers helps students to complete the paper within the stipulated time and manage time effectively in the examination hall in addition to bubbling the OMR sheet as well
  5. Students can deduce the recurring topics from past years’ papers hence come up with important topics for NEET

Preparing for NEET with 2020 NEET Question Paper and Answers

When it comes to the only medical entrance test conducted, candidates must be well aware of the significance of sound preparation equipped with the right guidance. Since clearing this test can decide one’s fate in the medical field, the level of competition naturally is high. This is the reason why students give their best at NEET. Preparing with the 2020 NEET question paper with answers can solidify your learnings to put your best foot forward. While everyone suggests practising with papers, how exactly do we go about it? Here are some steps you can follow which will help you prepare for NEET.

  • Conceptual clarity

Once you have examined the NEET syllabus, start understanding the concepts covered. If you closely look at the syllabus, certain chapters can be interlinked, this immensely helps in learning how different concepts are associated hence making learning simpler and easier.

  • Identify important chapters

Go through the NEET syllabus with an in-depth understanding in addition to following the NEET weightage of all the chapters consolidated from previous years’ trends. Make a list of all the chapters that have maximum weightage consistently over the years and make them your priority. Ensure not to miss out on any topic in such chapters

  • Solve question papers

Now that you are thorough with the basic concepts and understand the content well, start practising questions by solving NEET question papers from the previous years. It helps get the essence of how the actual NEET paper is. This will be of immense help during NEET preparation.

Prepare effectively with NEET Previous Years’ Question Papers and NEET Mock tests – Important Links

NEET 2020 Question Paper with Solutions – Video Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions on 2020 Question Paper NEET

Was NEET 2020 tough?

NEET was in accordance with the NCERT syllabus. So, for those who were well-versed with NCERT, NEET could be cracked comfortably by them. As per experts, the question paper drew mixed reactions, however. For most of the students, the NEET 2020 question paper, compared to previous years was easy. While the Biology section had some tricky questions, overall, it was easy. Physics had some lengthy questions but could be tackled. The chemistry section was based on NCERT while there were some challenging questions appearing from organic chemistry. The paper for NEET 2020 overall was easier as per most of the students as they had enough time for preparation.

Was NEET 2020 syllabus reduced?

Owing to the COVID situation, the syllabus for NEET was asked to be reconsidered. However, there was no reduction in the syllabus for NEET 2020 as students had sufficient time to prepare for NEET 2020.

How many last years’ papers to solve for NEET 2020?

Students practise from previous years’ NEET question papers to know and understand the difficulty level of the question paper, the exam pattern, marking scheme, important topics and as a revision resource too. Solving from past years’ papers provides a plethora of benefits. Students are suggested to solve at least the last 20 years’ papers before appearing for the NEET examination in order to reap maximum benefits and make the most of the resources available.

How to prepare with NEET 2020 previous year paper with solutions?

Students are suggested to practice previous years’ NEET question papers to boost their NEET preparation. On this page, we have provided all the details which can help you prepare with the NEET 2020 paper, the solutions and answer keys. While studying, make sure to understand the weightage of all the chapters in the NEET syllabus, important topics for NEET and also solve previous years papers provided here for effective preparation.


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