NEET 2018 Question Paper with Solutions and Answer Keys PDF

NEET 2018 Question Paper – The exam was concluded in the offline mode on the 6th of May 2018. Soon after the examination, NEET 2018 paper along with completely solved solutions and answer keys were made available on the website. The question paper of NEET 2018 was set in English, Hind, Urdu and 9 other regional languages in twenty different sets, namely, set AA, set BB, set CC, set DD, set EE, set FF, set GG, set HH, set KK, set LL, set MM, set NN, Set PP, set QQ, set RR, set SS, set WW, set XX, set YY and set ZZ. The papers were distributed based on the language opted at the time of registration.

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Candidates can download NEET 2018 question paper with answer keys and solutions for all the above-mentioned codes from the links provided in the below article. Practising NEET paper 2018 on a regular basis can help the medical aspirants to understand its difficulty and get acquainted with the examination pattern. For qualifying NEET 2018 the students are required to score 50 percentile (40 percentile for SC and ST). Apart from NEET 2018 question paper, we have also provided fully solved Set wise NEET 2018 Answer keys and Solutions that can be used by the medical aspirants to analyze their preparations and get familiar with the exam pattern.

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NEET 2018 Question Paper With Solutions PDF

Medical aspirants can download NEET Question paper 2018 with their answer keys and solutions from the links given below. The aspirants are advised to practice them regularly to get an idea of the difficulty level of various sections and enhance their speed, and time management skills.

Download NEET 2018 Question Paper with Solutions in PDF for all codes

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NEET 2018 Answer Keys

Accessing NEET solutions 2018 with Answer keys will help the aspirants get a rough estimate of the accuracy of their answers and help them gauge the difficulty level of each section. The students can refer NEET 2018 answer keys from the links given below.

NEET 2018 Question paper Analysis

The difficulty curve of NEET 2018 paper was from easy to moderate, in fact, the question paper of NEET 2018 was quite easier than the last year. Most of the questions were direct and less time-consuming. A majority of questions were picked directly from the concepts taught in NCERT books. Also, there were 10 to 12 highly conceptual questions that required interlinking skills of various other concepts. Overall, in terms of difficulty, there were 25 tough questions, 45 moderate and 110 easy questions.

NEET 2018 Question Paper with Solutions and Answer Keys

Question paper of NEET 2018 Chemistry Pattern

The questions from Chemistry were moderately difficult. Most of the numericals from physical chemistry were formula based. From Inorganic chemistry, few questions were multi-conceptual. In NEET question paper 2018, around 20 questions were picked from class 12 syllabi and 25 questions were from class 11 syllabi. Overall, there was only 1 difficult question. The remaining ones were either easy or moderate in terms of difficulty.

Unit Total Marks Allotted
Inorganic Chemistry 44 Marks
Organic Chemistry 52 Marks
Physical Chemistry 84 Marks

NEET Question Paper 2018 Biology Pattern

Biology was easiest in terms of both lengthiness and quality of questions. Around 46 questions were from class 12 NEET Syllabus and 44 questions were from the class 11 syllabi. In terms of difficulty, NEET paper 2018 had 48 easy questions, 33 moderately difficult, and 9 tough questions. However, in comparison to the last year, Biology was easier and had lesser application-based questions.

NEET 2018 Question Paper with Solutions and Answer Keys

Unit Total Marks Allotted
Applied Biology 44
Botany 152
Zoology 164

NEET 2018 Question Paper Physics Pattern

Physics was the toughest and a bit lengthy. Around 24 questions were from the class 12 syllabi and 21 questions from the class 11 syllabi. According to the difficulty level, there were 2 difficult questions, 9 moderate, and 34 easy questions.

Unit Total Marks Allotted
Mechanics 60
Electrodynamics 60
Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory 24
Optics and wave optics 20
Modern Physics and Nuclear Physics 16

This distribution of marks ensured that the overall NEET 2018 Paper Physics section was moderately easy.

NEET 2018 Paper Class wise Question distribution

Subject Class 11th Syllabus Class 12th Syllabus
Physics 21 questions 24 questions
Chemistry 20 questions 25 questions
Biology 44 questions 46 questions

NEET Paper 2018 Difficulty Level Analysis

Subject Easy Level Questions Moderate Difficulty Level Difficult Questions
Physics 34 Questions 9 Questions 2 Questions
Chemistry 24 Questions 20 Questions 1 Question
Biology 48 Questions 33 Questions 9 Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions on NEET 2018 Question Paper

Do questions in NEET repeat?

Yes, certainly. Questions in NEET do repeat. Since the syllabus is the same, questions are picked/framed from them over the years. The exact number of questions may vary, but on average, based on previous trends, more than 5 questions are said to be repeated from previous years’ papers.

How was the NEET 2018 question paper?

The NEET 2018 question paper fared between easy to moderate. Students could crack the NEET paper. The majority of the paper, say 90% of it, was based on the NCERT syllabus. The remaining part was from related sources which required students to interlink concepts to be able to answer.

What is passing marks for NEET?

In order to qualify NEET, students must score minimum marks specified by the officials, the NEET cut-off. These marks are subject to vary based on several criteria every year.

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