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The launch of educational videos as a tool for learning has to be a remarkable innovation, and when it comes to preparation for a medical entrance test like NEET, one fancies to be well-equipped with the best possible resources. NEET Quiz videos aim at delivering an interactive e-learning experience for ardent NEET aspirants. With this initiative of quiz videos for NEET at BYJU’S, students are yet again presented with a trailblazing initiative of conveying learnings in the most effective conduct to ace NEET.

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Daily Quiz Videos for NEET Physics

Daily Quiz Videos for NEET Chemistry

Daily Quiz Videos for NEET Biology

Why Opt for Videos-Based Approach To Prepare For NEET?

The brain has a favourable response to videos. If statistics are to be believed, an individual is likely to retain a mere 10% of textual content, 65% of visual content, while one can remember and recall 95% of audio-visual content. This is reason enough for NEET aspirants to adapt this visual mode of learning for an efficacious outcome.

Still not convinced? Have a look at these pointers to kick-start your NEET preparation with quiz videos right away –

  • Videos offer a better sensory experience for learning than any other mode today
  • Liven bland and boring theoretical concepts
  • Flexible learning – stop, pause, play. Learning is self-paced
  • Since time immemorial, videos are known to proffer better retention of concepts
  • Opportunity to learn remotely
  • Bridges gaps for skipped concepts seamlessly
  • Concepts explained with best and relevant analogies

How Effective is a Quiz Activity For NEET?

Not only a quiz, but students must conform to different learning activities such as NEET flashcards, spidergrams and other such illustrations to learn and retain concepts, especially if one is looking at cracking NEET successfully.

Glance at some offerings of taking up a quiz for NEET preparation –

  • Firstly, NEET is an objective-based test, which is on the lines of a quiz. It is not a descriptive activity. Hence, taking up a quiz is best to get acquainted with the format of NEET
  • An activity like a quiz trains NEET aspirants to improve reflexes given the time duration of NEET-UG exam
  • Builds precision
  • It is a light and less-stressed activity to test your learnings, especially after hours of learning
  • A good way to memorize and recall facts, quickly assessing concept-knowledge

Key Features of NEET Video Library – What We Offer

  • Quality videos offered covering all important concepts
  • Use of the best visuals to constructively convey information
  • Content is mapped with the NEET syllabus
  • Collection of the latest learning modules
  • Complex NEET topics covered through the simplest visual representations
  • Promotion of knowledge retention through video-based learning
  • Comprehensive videos, solved by the best academicians in the country
  • Concise, short, easy-to-follow videos
  • Applying learned concepts by practising from NEET questionnaire offered
  • Integrated quiz questions, multi-lingual captions, 3D models
  • Easy to access, easy to download – anytime from anywhere

The best of all, it is free!

Now, you are just a video away. What are you waiting for? Embark on your journey for 360-degree NEET preparation. Watch NEET quiz videos at BYJU’S and get enlightened.

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