IIT JEE Physics Study Material

IIT JEE Physics Study Material

Physics is always been an interesting subject for most of the students preparing for IIT JEE and other undergraduate level engineering entrance examinations. Most of the concepts included in IIT JEE Physics syllabus are very much practical and conceptual based. These study materials are prepared by our highly experienced IIT JEE Expert faculty members who have laid a lot of stress on providing a conceptual clarity of each and every topic rather than just focusing on memorizing the formulas and solving problems. Hence, offering a valuable insight of our unique teaching methodologies and our authoritative approach to the strategies necessary for cracking highly competitive exams like JEE Mains and Advanced. These physics notes also have an indispensable compilation of several important problems to inculcate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in students.

For scoring well in this section, it is essential for students to have a strong conceptual base along with the knowledge of its practical applications. However, The students can easily score well in IIT JEE Physics section if they plan their preparations meticulously. From the past few years IIT JEE trends, Magnetism, Electricity, and Mechanics constitute around 65 percent of total weightage. Hence, all these concepts are of utmost importance. Also, a strong conceptual base in mechanics is essential as it lays the foundation for magnetism and electrostatics as well. The students can also refer to the IIT JEE Physics important topics to get an analysis of the marks distribution and weightage of different topics included in physics syllabus and accordingly, a proper and effective study plan can be formulated.

The fundamental concepts of mathematics are covered in the introductory modules to help students in solving several physics problems. All the concepts are taught in a very systematic flow. All the formulas, laws, and examples are explained in the simplest possible ways and are mostly derived from the daily life experiences.

IIT JEE Physics section demands a different approach and a separate methodology. Hence, a regular revision of these study materials will make you confident to tackle such type of problems with a much better speed, accuracy, and time management abilities that play a significant role in the success of students in highly competitive exams like IIT JEE. The success of these IIT JEE Physics study materials lies in making students capable of solving several complex problems by applying the basic fundamental principles.

Free Body Diagrams
X – Rays
Electric Flux
Relative Motion
JEE Pulley Problems
2D Motion

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A car starts from Bangalore and reaches Mumbai in 20 hours. What is the average speed of the car if odometer reading of the car when it started was 2400 km and when it finished was 4000 km?