NEET Rank Predictor 2020

Once we have appeared for the NEET exams, we start predicting our NEET scores and lookup for the same. To ease it for students, we have come up with the best tool to predict ranks before the official declaration of results with the NEET Rank Predictor. This tool helps candidates appearing for NEET 2020 exams to jot down the list of preferred medical and dental colleges as per the rank predicted, which is one of the biggest decisions when it comes to NEET exams.

Candidates must make note of the fact that these ranks and scores are not to be taken for the final ones. This is just a prediction tool to help students get a fair idea of their ranking and is a tentative rank. The official rankings will be announced by NTA(National Testing Agency) for NEET 2020 exams by 4th June 2020. Hence, avoid making decisions on the basis of these predictions.

NEET 2020

NEET is a national-level, single entrance examination enabling qualifying students to take up admissions in medical colleges/universities based on their ranking in NEET exams. Also, the NEET 2020 entrance exams enable students to apply to medical colleges in foreign countries such as the Philippines, Georgia, Ukraine etc based on their ranking. Qualifying candidates can apply for MBBS courses at these universities.

Candidates who have appeared for NEET exams and cleared the officially announced cut-off score will be invited for the further processes – counselling process at various universities/colleges which is decided on their ranking and score.

Students who are keen to make a career in the field of medicine and become successful medical professionals need to brace themselves and start preparing for the country’s most coveted and highly competitive exams. In NEET exams, students are assessed in the following sections through objective type questions – Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. One needs to be quick and have a well-practised hand as the duration of the exam is 3 hours to answer 180 questions. You get 1 minute only to answer one question!

If you are taking up NEET exams this year, would you not be anxious to use the NEET Rank Predictor 2020 to check your predicted ranking and hence the probable college you might get admitted to? Would you not be curious to know your ranking before the official result declaration? Are you not keen to know your rank amongst lakhs of students who are taking up exams this year and see where you stand in the crowd? This tool helps you get a brief idea and answers all your questions.

What Is NEET Rank Predictor?

The NEET Rank Predictor 2020 is a wonder tool facilitating candidates to get a brief and precise insight into their respective ranks after having appeared at the NEET 2020 exams. The exams are scheduled to be conducted on 3rd May 2020 and the official result declaration to be released by NTA on 4th June 2020. But students can get a rough idea of their position in the list of ranks beforehand with this rank predictor.

However, this rank predictor does not give you the exact ranking. The actual rank may vary based on aspects such as NEET cut-off 2020 that is declared.

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How Does NEET Rank Predictor 2020 Work?

The NEET Rank Predictor 2020 tools considers the structure of ranking from the preceding year after which it matches them with the present years’ questions. Then, depending on the contrast in the level of difficulty of questions comparing data from both the years, the tool predicts an appropriate rank for students taking up NEET 2020.

The key aspect of this tool which decides the accuracy is the score fed in the tool. The more accurate your entered score in the tool is, the more accurate your predicted rank will be. Hence, it is suggested to carefully calculate your score from each of the four sections of the paper – Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Carefully add your score and enter into the NEET Rank Predictor Tool 2020, the rest will be taken care of. The tool, on the whole, is based on approximations extrapolated from results, marks and ranks from previous years.

How To Use The NEET Rank Predictor 2020?

Listed below is a step-wise guide helping you to use the tool:

  • Enter your name, email id, phone number. This is the same data you entered while filling the NEET Application Form 2020 during registration
  • Next, enter the expected score you calculated after appearing at the NEET 2020 exams
  • Finally, submit the entered data and wait for the predicted ranking.

The final page exhibits a complete analysis and the subsequent rank prediction also listing the best set of colleges as per your ranking.

How To Calculate Approximate Marks?

In order to know the estimated rank, candidates must enter the most probable marks. For this, it is suggested to read through the NEET answer key 2020. The answer key released officially by the NTA weeks after the NEET 2020 exams, contains the exact solutions to questions for all the different set of question papers. Candidates can then tally their OMR sheets (also uploaded on the official website along with answer key) with the answer key and calculate their score. This way you can have an estimate of the number of correct and incorrect responses.

Listed below is the formula of the same:

NEET Score 2020 = [(Number of correct responses * 4) – (Number of incorrect responses * 1)]

One must be well-aware of the marking scheme of the NEET 2020 exams which is as briefed below:

Type of response Marks
Correct response 4 marks awarded
Incorrect response 1 mark deducted
Question left unanswered 0 mark

NEET Rank Predictor 2020 – Benefits

  • Candidates with an idea of approximate ranking can get an insight into performance basis the level of difficulty of exam, number of candidates appearing, cut-off etc
  • One can be aware of their NEET ranking much before the official NEET 2020 result in declared
  • With this tentative rank, students can get a rough idea of the list of colleges where they can seek admissions
  • Can get an idea of the level of competition
  • Become aware of the cut-off trends over the years

NEET 2020 Qualifying Marks

Candidates must have obtained the required aggregate marks in the qualifying examinations:

General category – 50 percentile

SC/ST/OBC category – 40 percentile

Physically handicapped: General category – 45 percentile

Physically handicapped: SC/ST/OBC category – 40 percentile

NEET Cut-Off

The cut-off marks for NEET exams are the qualifying marks which must be acquired by candidates to successfully qualify the exam which will be based on the number of candidates appearing, seat availability in colleges, level of difficulty of exam etc. listed below is an expected cut-off for various categories

Name of the category Cut-off
Others 685-145
OBC 678-118
SC 595-118
ST 599-118
UR -PH 474-131
OBC -PH 510-118
SC -PH 415-118
ST -PH 339-118

How To Predict Rank?

One can predict ranks based on the marks scored. The range of marks and expected ranks are as given below:

Scored Marks Expected NEET Rank
> 675 1 – 100
674 – 670 101 – 200
669 – 665 201 – 300
664 – 655 301 – 400
654 – 650 401 – 500
649 – 640 501 – 600
639 – 635 601 – 700
634 – 630 701 – 800
629 – 620 801 – 900
619 – 615 901 – 1000
614 – 610 1001 – 1500
609 – 600 1501 – 2000
599 – 595 2001 – 2500
594 – 590 2501 – 3000
589 – 585 3001 – 3500
584 – 580 3501 – 4000
579 – 570 4001 – 4500
569 – 565 4501 – 5000
564 – 560 5001 – 5500
559 – 555 5501 – 6000
554 – 550 6001 – 6500
549 – 540 6501 – 7000
539 – 535 7001 – 7500
534 – 530 7501 – 8000
529 – 525 8001 – 8500
524 – 520 8501 – 9000
519 – 510 9001 – 9500
509 – 505 9501 – 10000
504 – 500 10001 – 10500
499 – 480 10501 – 12000
479 – 460 12001 – 14000
459 – 440 14001 – 16000
439 – 420 16001 – 18000
419 – 400 18001 – 20000
399 – 380 20001 – 22500
379 – 360 22501 – 25000
< 365 >25000

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