NEET Biology MCQ Chapter Wise

NEET is the most coveted medical entrance examination carried out across the country. It is an objective type based, pen-paper test comprising 4 sections – Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. The maximum marks that can be scored are 720 marks and consists of 180 questions. 50% of the paper is dedicated to Biology, where the NEET exam primarily aims at enabling students to take up seats in medical courses.

Biology is one of the most important and vital sections in NEET. It includes theories, descriptions, discoveries, diagrams, definitions, explanation of differences and relations. All the concepts appearing in the NEET syllabus are from NCERT syllabus for class 11 & 12 majorly. Other related sources make up for the rest of the syllabus.

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BYJU’S provides a list of articles outlined by experts who suggest the most important concepts for NEET exams. The table below takes you directly to the corresponding topic where the detailed article along with MCQs is provided for a smooth, effortless searching experience. Before going ahead to solve NEET question papers or taking up mock tests, make sure you cover the basic concepts in NEET and solve some sample questions appearing in the exams. The topics listed below range from the basic to the most advanced topics thereby having you covered. Have a look at the list of topics below:

List of MCQs for NEET Biology:

MCQ on Spirogyra MCQ on Ketogenesis
MCQ on Penicillium MCQ on Volvox
MCQ on Coelom MCQ on Dinoflagellates
MCQ on Nucleolus MCQ on Kranz Anatomy
MCQ on Plasmid MCQ on Protozoa
MCQ on Connective Tissue MCQ on Reptilia
MCQ on Mitosis MCQ on Ascomycetes
MCQ on Chromoplast MCQ on Slime Moulds
MCQ on Nostoc MCQ on Paramecium
MCQ on Nucleotide MCQ on Endosperm
MCQ on Rhizopus MCQ on Epithelial Tissue
MCQ on Multinodular Goitre MCQ on Krebs Cycle
MCQ on Parenchyma Tissue MCQ on Earthworm Digestive System
MCQ on Transcription in Eukaryotes MCQ on Neural Communication
MCQ on Chromosome Structure MCQ on Artifical Hybridization
MCQ on Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism in Females MCQ on Stress Hormone
MCQ on Apomixis MCQ on Species Diversity
MCQ on Haemophilia MCQ on Kingdom Fungi
MCQ on Parts of Plants MCQ on Biodiversity
MCQ on DNA Structure MCQ on Enzymes
MCQ on Carbon Cycle MCQ on Structure of Eye
MCQ on Human Brain MCQ on Ecosystem
MCQ on Life Processes MCQ on Seed Germination
MCQ on Pteridophyta MCQ on Parthenocarpy
MCQ on Parenchyma Cells MCQ on Amoebiasis
MCQ on Apiculture MCQ on Thalassemia
MCQ on Amniocentesis MCQ on Diversity in Living World
MCQ on Plant Systematics MCQ on Thyroid Gland
MCQ on Plant Taxonomy MCQ on Coronary Artery
MCQ on ECG MCQ on Muscular Dystrophy
MCQ on Meiosis MCQ on Morphology of a Bacteria
MCQ on Fermentation MCQ on Hydroponic System
MCQ on Cell Cycle Phases MCQ on Plant Hormones
MCQ on Mendelian Disorders in Humans MCQ on Down Syndrome
MCQ on Structural Organization in Plants and Animals MCQ on Cell Structure And Function
MCQ on Animal Husbandry MCQ on Microbes in Human Welfare
MCQ on Genetic Diversity MCQ on Plant Physiology
MCQ on Animal Cell MCQ on Spermatogenesis
MCQ on Protista MCQ on Lipids

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