MCQs on Micropropagation For NEET

Micropropagation is a technique to synthesize genetically identical plantlets using tissue culture procedures. It is the rapid vegetative propagation of plants under in vitro conditions of controlled temperature, high light intensity and a defined nutrient medium. This method finds its applications in a range of vegetatively propagated species of plants.

1. Micro propagation involves

(a) small explants used for vegetative multiplication of plants

(b) microbes used for vegetative multiplication of plants

(c) microspores used for vegetative multiplication of plants

(d) megaspores and microspores used for non-vegetative multiplication of plants

Answer: (a)

2. Pick the incorrect statement – Agar is a gelling agent in plant tissue culture medium

(a) it is not digested by the enzymes of plants

(b) it is not used in micropropagation work

(c) does not react with media constituents

(d) remains stable at incubation temperature

Answer: (b)

3. Solidifying agent that is used in plant tissue culture is

(a) Agar

(b) EDTA

(c) Cobaltous chloride

(d) Nicotinic acid

Answer: (a)

4. Benefit of clonal propagation or micropropagation is

(a) multiplication of sexually derived sterile hybrids

(b) multiplication of disease free plants

(c) rapid multiplication of superior clones

(d) all of these

Answer: (d)

5. Protoplasts can be synthesized from suspension cultures, intact tissues or callus tissues by the enzymatic treatment with

(a) proteolytic enzymes

(b) both pectolytic and cellulolytic enzymes

(c) pectolytic enzymes

(d) cellulolytic enzymes

Answer: (b)

6. In artificial media, the growth of plant tissues is

(a) gene expression

(b) transgenesis

(c) plant tissue culture

(d) cell hybridization

Answer: (c)

7. An excised piece of stem tissue or leaf used in micropropagation is

(a) scion

(b) explant

(c) medium

(d) microshoot

Answer: (b)

8. Protoplasts are devoid of

(a) cell wall

(b) cell membrane

(c) both cell membrane and cell wall

(d) none of these

Answer: (a)

9. This plant propagation technique uses girdling

(a) cuttings

(b) grafting

(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) layering

Answer: (d)

10. __________ is used to develop virus free plants

(a) cell suspension culture

(b) protoplast culture

(c) meristem culture

(d) organ culture

Answer: (c)

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