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MCQs on Ureotelism For NEET

Some animals excrete excess nitrogenous waste in the form of urea, these are ureotelic animals and the phenomena is referred to as ureotelism. Urea is less toxic and can be stored in the body for good durations in the body. From the body it is excreted in the form of urine. Ureotelism is seen in some semi-terrestrial animals such as adult amphibians, earthworms, elasmobranch, etc.

1. The urea in hypertonicity is retained in

(a) birds

(b) man

(c) amphibians

(d) elasmobranch

Answer: (d)

2. This is a metabolic waste as a result of protein metabolism

(a) ammonia, urea and creatinine

(b) ammonia, urea and alanine

(c) nitrogen, oxygen and urea

(d) carbon dioxide, urea and ammonia

Answer: (a)

3. The least toxic excretory material is

(a) urea

(b) all are equally toxic

(c) ammonia

(d) uric acid

Answer: (d)

4. The yellow colour is imparted to the vertebrate’s urine because of

(a) melanin

(b) uric acid

(c) urochrome

(d) cholesterol

Answer: (c)

5. This amongst the following is an excretory structure

(a) pinacocyte

(b) solenocyte

(c) choanocyte

(d) archeocyte

Answer: (b)

6. In the urine of frog, the main nitrogenous waste product is

(a) allantoin

(b) urea

(c) uric acid

(d) ammonia

Answer: (b)

7. In ureotelic animals,

(a) urine is passed out in form of solution of ammonia

(b) urine is passed out in form of solution of urea

(c) urine is passed out in form of amino acids

(d) urine is passed out in none of these forms

Answer: (b)

8. For urea formation, the correct order of ornithine cycle is. Ornithine ________, ________

(a) urinine, arginine

(b) arginine, urinine

(c) citrulline, arginine

(d) arginine, citrulline

Answer: (c)

9. Who discovered the Ornithine cycle?

(a) Bowman

(b) Krebs and Hanseliet

(c) Krebs

(d) Malpighi

Answer: (b)

10. The main nitrogenous waste in ___________ is uric acid

(a) man

(b) fishes

(c) birds

(d) frog

Answer: (c)

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