NEET Biology Flashcards

NEET Biology Flashcards are designed to optimize your preparation for NEET. Biology is a scoring subject. You can easily improve your overall score by improving your performance in biology as it covers fifty percent of the questions in the exam. NEET Biology Flashcards are ideal for quick review and repetition of important concepts of botany and zoology. They help in faster learning and longer retention of the concept. NEET Biology Flashcards are as per the latest NEET syllabus and very simple to use. Just download and take printouts of the below flashcards given for each topic and start learning.

Chapterwise NEET Biology Flashcards

>Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
NEET 2020 Biology Syllabus Class 12 (Botany and Zoology)
Unit I – Reproduction Reproduction in Organisms
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Human Reproduction
Reproductive Health
Unit II – Genetics and Evolution Principles of Inheritance and Variation
Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Unit III – Biology and Human Welfare Human Health and Disease
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
Microbes in Human Welfare
Unit IV – Biotechnology and its Applications
Biotechnology and its Applications
Unit V – Ecology and Environment Organisms and Populations
Biodiversity and Conservation
Environmental Issues

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