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NCERT Books for NEET 2023

There are plenty of NEET books available in the market for NEET preparation. Choosing worthy and effective NEET study materials, perseverance, hard work and the right approach are the most important components to prepare and excel in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. NEET is a national level medical entrance exam conducted by the NTA for admission to MBBS & BDS courses in various dental and medical colleges in India.


NEET Study Material

Candidates often struggle to get the right NEET preparation book for the exam. Some candidates end up selecting the wrong books and do not get the desired results even after putting hard work. Therefore, candidates should identify the right NEET study material for them.

NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) book is one of the important study materials for NEET preparation. Around 50-70% of the questions in the NEET exam are asked from NCERT textbooks. NCERT books for NEET are considered as the Bible for the exam. The books contain a detailed account of theorems, concepts, and their explanation. NCERT Books for NEET are very important for preparing for the exam and for clearing all the theoretical concepts of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany.

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Medical aspirants can get class 11 and 12 NCERT textbooks for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology along with NCERT solutions.

Importance of NCERT Books for NEET

NCERT Books are very helpful and simple to follow. Candidates find these NEET books useful as they can easily comprehend the concepts. Here are some points on why NCERT books are important for NEET preparation.

Gives Clarity

By thoroughly studying from NCERT textbooks, candidates can have a clear concept of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Aspirants can have the confidence of excelling in the exam as they will have the courage to face the conceptual based questions in NEET.

Direct Questions

As the NEET Exam follows the NCERT textbooks for designing the question paper, there are numerous questions that are asked directly from NCERT books or follow the same question pattern. Candidates should thoroughly practice from NCERT books as around 50-70% of the questions in NEET appear from NCERT.

Simple Language

NCERT textbooks are framed in lucid and simple language that candidates can understand easily. Also, the conceptual parts are direct in approach which makes it easier for aspirants to understand properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions on NEET preparation with books


Are examples of NCERT physics important for NEET?

Students must refer to NCERT to gain conceptual clarity to solve Physics questions and theoretical knowledge. However, when it comes to questions for Physics, one must refer to relevant sources mentioned in addition to NCERT, in order to crack NEET Physics. Solving as many questions from different resources is key to crack the NEET physics section. Practice questions from model papers, sample papers for NEET, previous years’ question papers for NEET, take up mock tests and solve questions from the resources mentioned in this article. To take your preparation notches higher, you can also solve some JEE question papers to tackle NEET physics questions.


Is NEET Physics difficult?

The physics section of NEET is considered to be the most challenging section out of the Chemistry, Biology and Physics sections of NEET. The difficulty level varies over the years between these sections. Physics involves the application of theoretical knowledge on solving problems within the stipulated time in addition to recalling concepts and coming up with an accurate answer, hence causing students to spend more time on this section. Subsequently, at times students feel the Physics section is challenging and lengthy. However, students in the past have cleared the Physics section with 180 out of 180 marks, hence it is possible to crack NEET Physics. Regular practice of NEET questions from relevant resources, improving time management skills and speed levels can help you get the desired results.


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