NEET Chemistry MCQS - Important Questions and answers

NEET Chemistry Questions with answers

NEET Chemistry is considered to be the most scoring subject. As it is one of the easiest scoring subjects, it is often ignored and undermined a subject. But if you want to get an edge over others, here is a tip, master NEET Chemistry concepts. Chemistry demands the attention of students in understanding reactions and concrete basic understanding but once done it only gets easier from there. Mastering NCERT syllabus for NEET Chemistry should be topping your list of to-do for chemistry.

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This article leads you to hundreds of solved MCQ on a variety of Chemistry topics important from NEET standpoint. The table below lists different topics with corresponding direct links, facilitating smooth learning and search experience.

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Important NEET Chemistry Questions with answers

Topic-wise MCQs for NEET Chemistry

MCQ on Valence Bond Theory MCQ on Half Life
MCQ on Alkyne MCQ on Alkene
MCQ on Conductor and Conductance MCQ on Alkane
MCQ on Heat of Reaction MCQ on 2nd and 3rd Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy
MCQ on First Law of Thermodynamics and Hess Law MCQ on Hydrogen Ion Concentration pH Scale and Buffer Solution
MCQ on Acids and Bases MCQ on Electrical Conductors Arrhenius Theory and Ostwalds Dilution Law
MCQ on Le Chatelier Principle and Its Application MCQ on Kp and Kc Relationship and Characteristics of K
MCQ on Law of Equilibrium and Equilibrium Constant MCQ on Law of Mass Action
MCQ on Equilibrium State MCQ on Reversible and Irreversible Reaction
MCQ on Hydrogen Peroxide MCQ on Water or Hydride of Oxygen
MCQ on Hydrogen MCQ on Compounds of Transitional Elements
MCQ on Corrosion MCQ on Cell Constant and Electrochemical Cells
MCQ on Soil Pollution MCQ on Freezing Point of The Solvent
MCQ on Hybridisation MCQ on Overlapping and Bonds
MCQ on Polarisation and Fajans Rule MCQ on Dipole Moment
MCQ on Coordinate or Dative Bonding MCQ on Covalent Bonding
MCQ on Electrovalent Bonding MCQ on Auto Oxidation and Disproportionation
MCQ on Redox Reaction and Method for Balancing Redox Reaction MCQ on Oxidation Number and Oxidation State
MCQ on Oxidizing and Reducing Agent MCQ on Oxidation Reduction
MCQ on Free Energy and Work Function MCQ on Bond Energy
MCQ on Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen MCQ on Polymers
MCQ on Chemistry in Everyday Life MCQ on Hydrogen Bonding
MCQ on Surface Chemistry MCQ on General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
MCQ on D and F Block Elements MCQ on Coordination Compounds
MCQ on Haloalkanes and Haloarenes MCQ on Alcohols Phenols and Ethers
MCQ on Aldehydes Ketones and Carboxylic Acids MCQ on Solid State
MCQ on Solutions MCQ on Electrochemistry
MCQ on Environmental Chemistry MCQ on Chemical Kinetics
MCQ on Organic Chemistry MCQ on P Block Elements
MCQ on States Of Matter MCQ on Redox Reaction
MCQ on Chemical Equilibrium MCQ on Thermodynamics
MCQ on Periodic Classification of Elements MCQ on s Block Elements
MCQ on Chemical Bonding Molecular Structure MCQ on Structure of Atom
MCQ on Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry MCQ on Hydrocarbons
MCQ on Molecular Orbital Theory MCQ on Vsepr Theory
MCQ on Amines MCQ on Benzene and Its Derivatives
MCQ on Metals and Non Metals MCQ on Aromaticity
MCQ on Catalyst and Catalysis MCQ on Entropy
MCQ on Colloidal Dispersion MCQ on Quantum Numbers
MCQ on Fatty Acid Catabolism MCQ on Chlorine Gas
MCQ on Crystal Field Theory MCQ on Fuel Cell
MCQ on Sucrose MCQ on Glucose
MCQ on Distillation MCQ on Atmosphere
MCQ on Acid Rain MCQ on Titration
MCQ on Acid Base Titration MCQ on Decomposition Reaction

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Solved NEET Questions for Chemistry

Chemistry topics broadly can be grouped into – Organic, Inorganic and Physical chemistry. Organic Chemistry is a vast section and holds the maximum weightage. Its concepts and principles are important. One needs to be conversant with properties of groups, conversions, recognizing organic compounds etc. Interlinking between different chapters from organic chemistry can be of great help.

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This must be followed by Physical Chemistry, the section of chemistry where one can score easily. Questions appearing in the exam from here are quite predictable. This can be followed by Inorganic chemistry, reactions pertaining to different block elements can be made note of and revised regularly.

These were the important NEET chemistry questions with answers. BYJU’S offers tons of study material, sample papers and modules for all the NEET sections. Watch this space for the latest updates on NEET and other NEET notifications.

How Solving NEET Chemistry Questions is Beneficial?

Anyone preparing for NEET must be well aware of gaining conceptual clarity, this must be prioritized. The chemistry section of NEET is considered to be the most scoring section. Students are required to have a strong base of all the concepts covered in the NEET syllabus for chemistry in order to excel in the Chemistry section.

Questions asked in NEET chemistry are framed in a way that it checks the theoretical and practical learnings of the students. Hence, questions can range from being easy to moderate to challenging on the difficulty scale. Some of the benefits of solving NEET Chemistry questions in accordance with the prescribed NEET syllabus for chemistry is as follows –

  • The question and answer scheme is one of the best ways to cover key topics in a chapter
  • Questions offer a wide range of concepts to be encapsulated in them in different ways
  • With consistent practice, students get acquainted with the pattern of the NEET questions and their difficulty level
  • Tough and challenging concepts can be understood better by solving NEET questions on them
  • It is one of the most effective ways to assess performance and hone skills required to give their best at NEET

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