MCQs on Soil Pollution

Soil pollution caused by toxic chemicals. Herbicides that were used in the war continue to induce long term effects on human health, nature in general and on soil environment in particular over a large area of forest and arable land. The main reason for acidification of soil is acid rain, long term leaching of base, microbial respiration, nitrification, excessive land use practices, use of inorganic nitrogen fertilizers and land drainage. All these processes lead to production of either H+ ions or CO2 which further get dissolved into soil water and form carbonic acid.

1. Which of the following serves as an indicator of atmospheric pollution?

  1. fern
  2. liverworts
  3. hornworts
  4. epiphytic lichens

Answer: (d)

2. In 1984, the Bhopal gas tragedy took place because methyl isocyanate

  1. reacted with ammonia
  2. reacted with water
  3. reacted with DDT
  4. reacted with CO2

Answer: (b)

3. Negative soil pollution is

  1. reduction in soil productivity due to erosion and overuse
  2. reduction in soil productivity due to addition of pesticides and industrial wastes
  3. converting fertile land into harden land by dumping ash, sludge and garbage
  4. None of the above

Answer: (a)

4. Air pollution that occurs in sunlight is

  1. reducing smog
  2. acid rain
  3. oxidizing smog
  4. fog

Answer: (c)

5. The layer of atmosphere between 10km to 50km above the sea level is called as

  1. troposphere
  2. thermosphere
  3. stratosphere
  4. mesosphere

Answer: (c)

6. The concentration of dissolved oxygen in cold water can go up to

  1. 14 ppm
  2. 8 ppm
  3. 10 ppm
  4. 16 ppm

Answer: (c)

7. The quantity of DDT at each trophic level in the food chain

  1. decreases
  2. remains the same
  3. increases
  4. changes

Answer: (c)

8. Formation of London smog takes place in

  1. winter during day time
  2. summer during day time
  3. summer during morning time
  4. winter during morning time

Answer: (d)

9. Brewery and sugar factory waste alter the quality of a water body by increasing

  1. temperature
  2. turbidity
  3. pH
  4. COD and BOD

Answer: (d)

10. In a coal-fired power plant electrostatic precipitators are installed to control the emission of

  1. SO2
  2. NO2
  3. SPM
  4. CO

Answer: (c)

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