MCQs on p-Block Elements for NEET

Elements of the group 13 to 18 in the periodic table are known as p-Block elements. In these elements, the last electron goes to one of the outermost three p-orbital. Except for He, their valance shell electronic configuration is ns2, np(1-6). Due to the presence of d and f electron in the inner core of heavier p-block elements, there exists a large variation in their physical and chemical properties. Non-metals and metalloids only exist in the p-block. The heaviest element of each group of p-block is the most metallic in nature.

1. Find the amphoteric oxide

(a) CaO2

(b) CO2

(c) SnO2

(d) SiO2

Answer: (c)

2. Graphite has a structural similarity with

(a) B2H6

(b) B4C

(c) B

(d) BN

Answer: (d)

3. Which is the correct order of decreasing acidity of lewis acids?

(a) BBr3 > BCl3 > BF3

(b) BF3 > BCl3 > BBr3

(c) BCl3 > BF3 > BBr3

(d) BBr3 > BF3 > BCl3

Answer: (a)

4. In the presence of KF, AlF3 is soluble in HF. Find the complex formed

(a) K3[AlF6]

(b) AlH3

(c) K[AlF3H]

(d) K3[AlF3H3]

Answer: (a)

5. S-S bond is present in which of the ion pairs

(a) S2O72-, S2O32-

(b) S4O62-, S2O72-

(c) S2O72-, S2O82-

(d) S4O62-, S2O32-

Answer: (d)

6. Which is the correct order of decreasing bond dissociation enthalpy?

(a) F2 > Cl2 > Br2 > I2

(b) I2 > Br2 > Cl2 > F2

(c) Cl2 > Br2 > F2 > I2

(d) Br2 > I2 > F2 > Cl2

Answer: (c)

7. Oxygen is not released on heating which of the compounds?

(a) (NH4)2Cr2O7

(b) K2Cr2O7

(c) Zn(ClO3)2

(d) KClO3

Answer: (a)

8. Which of the species has a permanent dipole moment?

(a) SF4

(b) SiF4

(c) BF3

(d) XeF4

Answer: (a)

9. Which of the statement is incorrect for XeO4Ā ?

(a) four pšœ‹-dšœ‹ bonds are present

(b) four sp3 – p šœŽ bonds are present

(c) It has a tetrahedral shape

(d) It has a square planar shape

Answer: (d)

10. P4O10 has ______ bridging O atoms

(a) 4

(b) 5

(c) 6

(d) 2

Answer: (c)


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