MCQs on p-Block Elements for NEET

Elements of the group 13 to 18 in the periodic table are known as p-Block elements. In these elements, the last electron goes to one of the outermost three p-orbital. Except for He, their valance shell electronic configuration is ns2, np(1-6). Due to the presence of d and f electron in the inner core of heavier p-block elements, there exists a large variation in their physical and chemical properties. Non-metals and metalloids only exist in the p-block. The heaviest element of each group of p-block is the most metallic in nature.

Phosphorous, Nitrogen, Antimony, Arsenic and Bismuth are included in the Nitrogen family and are the Group 15 elements. The p-block elements are referred to as the Representative elements. These nitrogen elements are said to possess a wide range in terms of their physical state in the periodic table. The diversity is wide even on chemical aspects. Likewise, the variety is diverse when it comes to the appearance of these elements.

1. Find the amphoteric oxide

(a) CaO2

(b) CO2

(c) SnO2

(d) SiO2

Answer: (c)

2. Graphite has a structural similarity with

(a) B2H6

(b) B4C

(c) B

(d) BN

Answer: (d)

3. Which is the correct order of decreasing acidity of lewis acids?

(a) BBr3 > BCl3 > BF3

(b) BF3 > BCl3 > BBr3

(c) BCl3 > BF3 > BBr3

(d) BBr3 > BF3 > BCl3

Answer: (a)

4. In the presence of KF, AlF3 is soluble in HF. Find the complex formed

(a) K3[AlF6]

(b) AlH3

(c) K[AlF3H]

(d) K3[AlF3H3]

Answer: (a)

5. S-S bond is present in which of the ion pairs

(a) S2O72-, S2O32-

(b) S4O62-, S2O72-

(c) S2O72-, S2O82-

(d) S4O62-, S2O32-

Answer: (d)

6. Which is the correct order of decreasing bond dissociation enthalpy?

(a) F2 > Cl2 > Br2 > I2

(b) I2 > Br2 > Cl2 > F2

(c) Cl2 > Br2 > F2 > I2

(d) Br2 > I2 > F2 > Cl2

Answer: (c)

7. Oxygen is not released on heating which of the compounds?

(a) (NH4)2Cr2O7

(b) K2Cr2O7

(c) Zn(ClO3)2

(d) KClO3

Answer: (a)

8. Which of the species has a permanent dipole moment?

(a) SF4

(b) SiF4

(c) BF3

(d) XeF4

Answer: (a)

9. Which of the statement is incorrect for XeO4Β ?

(a) four pπœ‹-dπœ‹ bonds are present

(b) four sp3 – p 𝜎 bonds are present

(c) It has a tetrahedral shape

(d) It has a square planar shape

Answer: (d)

10. P4O10 has ______ bridging O atoms

(a) 4

(b) 5

(c) 6

(d) 2

Answer: (c)

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