MCQ on Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Alcohol is a compound containing one or more hydroxyl groups (-OH) directly attached to an aliphatic carbon atom. The simplest alcohol is methyl alcohol. Alcohols and phenols both contain a hydroxyl group (-OH). A hydroxyl group is also present in carboxylic acids, but it is bonded to a carbonyl carbon atom. Alcohols and phenols can be viewed as organic relatives of water in which one hydrogen atom is replaced by an alkyl group or an aryl group. Alcohols contain a hydroxyl group bonded to an sp3 hybridised carbon atom. Phenols have a hydroxyl group bonded to an sp2 hybridised carbon atom of an aromatic ring.

1. Benzenediazonium chloride on reaction with phenol in weakly basic medium gives

  1. diphenyl ether
  2. p-hydroxyazobenzene
  3. chlorobenzene
  4. Benzene

Answer: (b)

2. Phenol reacts with bromine in CS2 at low temperature to give

  1. m-bromophenol
  2. o-and p-bromophenol
  3. p-bromophenol
  4. 2,4,6-tribromophenol

Answer: (b)

3. When phenol is treated with excess bromine water it gives

  1. m-bromophenol
  2. o- and p-bromophenol
  3. 2,4-dibromophenol
  4. 2,4,6-tribromophenol

Answer: (d)

4. Phenol on reduction with H2 in the presence of Ni catalyst gives

  1. benzene
  2. toluene
  3. cyclohexane
  4. Cyclohexanol

Answer: (d)

5. Dehydration of alcohol is an example of

  1. addition reaction
  2. elimination reaction
  3. substitution reaction
  4. redox reaction

Answer: (b)

6. The compound obtained by the reaction of ethene with diborane followed by hydrolysis with alkaline H2O2 is

  1. ethanol
  2. propanol
  3. ethanol
  4. triethyl bromide

Answer: (a)

7. Which of the following is formed when phenol is exposed to air?

  1. o-Benzoquinone
  2. p-Benzoquinone
  3. Phenoquinone
  4. o-and p-Benzoquinone

Answer: (d)

8. Which of the following is formed when glycerol is heated with oxalic acid at 503K?

  1. Glyceric acid
  2. Acrolein
  3. Allyl alcohol
  4. Methanoic acid

Answer: (c)

9. The alcohol which does not react with Lucas reagent is

  1. isobutyl alcohol
  2. n-butanol
  3. tert-butyl alcohol
  4. sec-butyl alcohol

Answer: (b)

10. Phenol is less acidic than

  1. acetic acid
  2. p-methoxyphenol
  3. p-nitrophenol
  4. Ethanol

Answer: (a,c)

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