Chemistry Formulas for NEET

Neet is one of India’s most prestigious medical admission exams. Students are fairly challenged to cover all of the concepts included in the NEET syllabus. NEET chemistry is considered the subject with the highest scores. Since it is one of the easiest subjects to score, it is often overlooked and undermines a topic. Chemistry involves students’ commitment to understanding reactions and practical basic knowledge, so it only becomes simpler after it has been completed.

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Chemistry can be grouped broadly into organic , inorganic and physical chemistry. Organic chemistry is an extensive section which holds the maximum weight. Its principles and concepts are important. One needs to be aware of group properties, transitions, organic compound identification etc. On our page, we include all the chemistry formulae needed for NEET in a simple format. Some of the important topics covered in NEET are chemical equilibrium, electrochemistry, aldehydes and ketones etc.

A few Important chemical formulas are listed below:

Chemical Equilibrium Formulas Ionic Equilibrium Formulas
Reduction Formula Oxidation Reaction Formula
Aldehyde and Ketone General Formula Nomenclature Formula
Polymers Formula Grignard Reagent Formula
Chemical Bonding Chemical Formula D Block Elements Formula
Electrochemistry Formulas Solution And Colligative Properties Formulas


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