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Biotechnology and Its Applications
Bt cotton Resistant to insects (lepidopterans, coleopterans and dipterans)

Produced by introducing genes of Bacillus thuringiensis, which produces Bt toxins into cotton plants by genetic engineering

Bt Toxin Insecticidal protein

Produced by- Bacillus thuringiensis (bacteria) as inactive protoxins

Coded by cry genes; cryIAc and cryIIAb- control cotton bollworms, cryIAb- controls corn borer

Mode of action- protoxin gets activated by the alkaline pH of the gut and causes lysis of epithelial cells of the midgut of insects by forming pores in the cell membrane

Nematode resistant plants RNA interference technique of cellular defence is used

Silencing mRNA of a nematode by introducing genes, which formed dsRNA specific to the nematode, inducing RNAi

Meloidogyne incognita infects the root of tobacco plants

Humulin Genetically engineered insulin

Produced by- An American company Eli Lilly in 1983

A and B chains were produced separately by inserting genes in the plasmid of E.coli

Does not contain C peptide

Gene therapy Correction of a genetic defect

First given to a girl with ADA (Adenosine deaminase) deficiency in 1990

The functional ADA cDNA was introduced in lymphocytes

First transgenic cow Rosie (1997)

Produced protein-enriched milk and also contained alpha-lactalbumin

𝛼-1-antitrypsin Biological product by a transgenic animal for treatment of emphysema
Probe A short DNA or RNA segment tagged with a radioactive molecule

Used to search for the complementary sequences in a genome

GEAC Genetic Engineering Approval Committee

Indian regulatory body for GM research and analysing safety of introducing GM organisms for public use

rop Codes for proteins involved in plasmid replication
ELISA Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay

First described by Perlmann and Engvall in 1971

Test to detect antigens, antibodies or hormones present in a sample

Biopiracy Use of biological resources commercially without authorisation and compensatory payment to concerned authorities and people, where it originated

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