Questions and Answers on Pest Control For NEET 2021

The horticulture industry has a category known as pest control, which circumscribes all activities related to regulating pests from attacking plants and their eradication, post pest infestation. Pest control has options such as integrated pest management, screens, chemical, and organic pesticides, environmental control and more. Biological pest control is a branch in pest control, wherein insects that are beneficial are released in a confined region to feed on the pest insects. Solve these important questions on Pest control.

1. This weed has been eradicated by biological control

(a) Chrysanthemum

(b) Cactus

(c) Parthenium

(d) Eichhornia

Answer: (b)

2. The phenomenon of using a predator to control pests is

(a) artificial control

(b) biological control

(c) confusion technique

(d) genetic engineering

Answer: (b)

3. This is an effective plant insecticide

(a) Nicotine

(b) Cinerin

(c) Pyrethrin

(d) all of these

Answer: (d)

4. The pheromone coated paper strips in the confusion technique are thrown over an area to

(a) confuse males so that they are unable to locate females

(b) repel insects from a region

(c) confuse females so that they are unable to locate males

(d) attract insects and kill them

Answer: (a)

5. “Devine” and “Collego” are two agricultural substances used as

(a) Insect hormones

(b) Biofertilizers

(c) Bioherbicides

(d) Natural insecticides

Answer: (c)

6. Rotenone is a

(a) insect hormone

(b) natural insecticide

(c) bioherbicide

(d) natural herbicide

Answer: (b)

7. The wild growth of ______ is checked with Cochineal insect

(a) screwworm

(b) aphids

(c) Eichhornia

(d) Opuntia

Answer: (d)

8. Pyrethrin is extracted from

(a) Poa indica

(b) Helianthus annuus

(c) Azadirachta indica

(d) Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium

Answer: (d)

9. In 1981, the first bioherbicide developed was based on

(a) Azadirachta indica

(b) Bacillus thuringiensis

(c) Phytophthora infestans

(d) Phytophthora palmivora

Answer: (d)

10. Transgenic crop developed to tolerate herbicides is

(a) Tomato

(b) sunflower

(c) Tobacco

(d) both (a) and (b)

Answer: (c)

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